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As information technology evolves and companies grow, enterprise IT architectures are getting more and more complex.

The physical and virtual components of an IT architecture can create an intricate and challenging ecosystem, which also constantly has to be adapted to the changing business and technology landscape.

Discover how Onespire Ltd.’s end-to-end IT System Integration Services can help your organization to achieve an efficient, reliable and safe ecosystem!

Are you facing these challenges with your IT infrastructure?

Enterprises have to use a large number of standalone applications to fulfill the various requirements of clients and customers, internal business units, partners and legislative bodies.

Also, the rise of new technologies such as SaaS, cloud, mobile, IoT, RPA, AI and ML are constantly changing the available toolset enterprises can use to maintain their business agility.

While a professionally set up, seamless IT infrastructure provides a significant market advantage over competitors, it is not an easy task to achieve. Many companies are facing various issues maintaining an efficient and up-to-date IT infrastructure.

Ever increasing IT infrastructure costs?

Misaligned and overreaching solutions can create a hard to manage IT ecosystem and inefficient business processes. With our system integration services the overall expenditure of IT management costs can be reduced by rationalizing existing systems and incorporating the latest technologies.

Low productivity as a result of inflexible processes?

Poorly connected standalone software solutions create gaps between departments and rigid workflows. Our system integration specialist team can ensure that your IT infrastructure is seamlessly connected and accelerates business processes.

Lack of real-time information and unified data?

Using disconnected and overlapping databases makes it impossible to provide accurate, real-time and trustworthy information to decision makers. Eliminate manual data transactions, provide a better data-flow and improve data accessibility by utilizing our professional data integration services.

Missing internal IT resources or skills?

Many IT departments are understaffed or lacking the unique skills required to handle the special tasks related to system integration. Onespire’s professional IT system integration specialists can support your team with a flexible and cost-effective approach.

Growing IT security concerns and challenges?

Data security is becoming more and more important as businesses move to a variety of cloud solutions. Ensuring and maintaining the highest level of IT security and access control in all components used is an integral part of our IT system integration services.

The scope of our IT System Integration Services

Onespire Ltd.’s IT system integration services include the following components:

  • Supporting the development of the IT Integration Strategy
  • Analysis and design of IT platforms
  • Gathering requirements and specifications
  • Analyzing operational feasibility
  • Designing architecture and development
  • Creating a management Plan
  • Designing system integration
  • Project management
  • Vendor management
  • Testing and implementation
  • Data migration and validation
  • Evaluation and maintenance

Taking the lead

Onespire Ltd. as a Main Development Contractor can take full control of your IT System Integration project, including the architecture planning, software selection, contracting with vendors, project management, testing, migration and maintenance.

We take responsibility for the delivery, even for a set budget!

Our services are system independent, including various ERP products, core applications, CRM software, industry specific custom developments and any other IT solutions.

If you need assistance with any of these tasks, our sizable team of IT integration experts can provide efficient and professional support.

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What are the main benefits of our IT System Integration Services?

While companies gather more and more data, managing and using them effectively and purposefully is not an obvious task. Creating an integrated IT ecosystem enables enterprises to improve their business processes and gain a considerable competitive advantage. Onespire’s professional IT System Integration Services offer the following benefits.

1. Reducing the overall costs of IT operations

By creating a cohesive and fully integrated IT infrastructure the internal and external resources required to manage the ecosystem can be significantly decreased.
It can also completely eliminate the use of manual, repetitive tasks by employees, enabling them to focus on their main business tasks.
A central data storage solution enables better and faster decision making processes, while reducing the costs of storage and integration.
Discover how to utilize your IT budget more efficiently with our support, contact us now!

2. Higher efficiency and productivity

Building a perfectly integrated IT system minimizes the need to enter data manually by providing an automatically updated central data source. Using this database, business units can perform their tasks confidently, knowing that the information they are using is always up-to-date and synchronized. This collaboration and information sharing drastically reduces the time spent on validating data before usage with other departments and eliminates the chance of creating erroneous outputs using outdated or faulty data. The employees will be more efficient and productive, while less stressed, resulting in lower turnover and recruitment costs.

3. Providing valuable business insights

In a consolidated IT ecosystem data from all subsystems can be channeled to a central storage, and besides providing it to the various business users it can also be investigated further.
By analyzing this central data repository, companies can gain important information about their operation, suppliers, customers, the market and much more. Based on this valuable insight, enterprises can build better strategies and optimize their operation.

4. Optimizing overhead and training costs

With a well designed and integrated IT infrastructure overall training costs can be drastically reduced. Onboarding is easier and faster, special system knowledge is not required for new employees, making staffing significantly easier across the organization. By using a consolidated ecosystem, overhead cost will be lower.

5. Automated data collection

With the help of our experts an integrated IT system can be designed and built for your enterprise which collects and processes relevant data automatically from all subsystems in a central data storage solution.
This creates an excellent opportunity to create optimized business processes based on the automated data flow, establishing an effective collaboration and information sharing within the organization and also with its partners.

6. Easier and faster data access

Accessing the central data storage solution, employees and partners having the privileges can obtain real-time and accurate information easily. Finding the necessary data, or investigating a complex issue can be done quickly and in one system, even at a remote location or from home office. It makes collaboration of internal and external users simple, improving team coordination. Easier data access accelerates decision making processes across all business units as well, providing a competitive edge.
Find out how to provide streamlined data access to employees within your organization, contact our experts now!

7. Minimizing errors

Using misaligned systems and multiple contradicting data sources increases the chances of errors during the various data movement processes and manual corrections. When using an integrated IT solution, automated data synchronization reduces the chances of errors. The information offered to business users is synchronized, up-to-date, complete and accurate.
Discover how Onespire’s IT System Integration services can support your mission!

8. Improving system scalability

In a fast changing business environment IT systems have to be able to quickly adapt to changes in workloads and user requirements by increasing or decreasing performance promptly and cost effectively.
Scaling various standalone applications in an unintegrated IT infrastructure is a challenging, slow and error-prone task.
An integrated IT system means less vendors to negotiate with, less chance creating bottlenecks and unnecessarily overperforming subsystems. Subsystems can use shared resources, increasing or decreasing performance and storage space easily, as part of the normal process.

Typical scenarios of our IT System Integration Services

Creating IT architecture for a new enterprise

Greenfield implementation of a complete IT ecosystem, or Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) is a scenario, when the whole business environment has to be planned and built from scratch.

Integrating third-party systems

In this situation the existing ecosystem of the enterprise has to be extended with new or improved functionality using additional software solutions.

Business-to-business integration

B2B integration occurs typically when two or more companies need to connect their systems to exchange data to automate information flow.

Integrating legacy IT systems

When a company has to use an older application to support its core activity due to some constraint, incorporating a modern software to this environment might be necessary.

Replacing or restructuring existing IT systems

When a certain element of an IT ecosystem has to be replaced or restructured, it requires it to be integrated into the architecture.

Regardless of the scenario, the main goal of any system integration project is to create a cohesive, seamless ecosystem.

Onespire’s team of experts can take the lead and full responsibility of the various IT System Integration project types for a set price.

If you have any questions, send us a message now and our experts will contact you shortly!

Why choose Onespire Ltd. as an IT System Integration partner?

NOur team of experts has widespread experience in sizable multinational application integration projects executed successfully for large enterprises throughout Europe.

NBeside our IT integration specialists, Onepsire has a team of more than 180 developers, BI experts, consultants and project managers, covering all aspects of even the most complex IT integration tasks.

NOnepsire’s IT System Integration services are guided and supported by our proprietary, flexible and practice proven methodology.

NOur IT System Integration Services are cost-effective and rely on our internal resources.

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Full service IT system integration project for Boxy Logistics

Our latest case study

Boxy Logistics Ltd.’s mission is to provide its customers with world-class outsourced logistics services based on robotic warehouse technology and automation, with its own vehicle fleet capable of same-day delivery. Their two main fields of activities are e-commerce fulfillment and customized logistics services.

The technologies of the highly automated warehouse are provided by Geek+, Körber, Libiao, SAP, Microsoft and FarEye, among others.

Our company, Onespire Ltd., has played a twofold role during the development of the IT background, as a Main Development Contractor we coordinated the activities of all subcontractors and vendors, providing comprehensive IT project management. Also, our team of experts was responsible for the planning and implementation of the core elements of the IT architecture, based on the custom Order Management System and the SAP S/4HANA Cloud ERP solution.

More information about our full service IT system integration project for Boxy Logistics is available here.

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