SAP Plant Maintenance services

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SAP Plant Maintenance services

Professional knowledge and continuously research for industry innovations and trends

With the help of applications maintenance colleagues have the opportunity for a comprehensive and new type of operation

We have gained system implementation, system operation and support competence on several different projects

Our colleagues have already taken part in several SAP Asset Manager and SAP Work Manager implementations and developments

Experience in SAP Multi Resource Scheduling implementations and operations

During a project our consultants always determine the scope of the project and deliver it in the highest quality

SAP Plant Maintenance Services

The SAP Maintenance module (Plant Maintenance, PM) covers the service and repair activities of tools and equipment. During normal operation, devices can accumulate wear and tear that must be remedied. Deviations outside of normal operation cause the most damage to equipment and devices, thus to normal operation.

The Plant Maintenance module, as a component of the SAP enterprise resource planning system, includes planned and unplanned maintenance. Maintenance can be scheduled according to the age of the equipment or the use of the equipment. Unplanned maintenance of the plant may also occur after equipment failure or malfunctions.

As a result of missed or improperly performed maintenance, input supply chains can lose efficiency as the assets are unable to process at the normal rate. The short-term loss of profitability caused by process interruptions, as well as the costs associated with servicing or repairs, often prompts companies to postpone plant maintenance.

Overview of our SAP PM services

During the implementation of maintenance solutions at many large enterprises, our company has gained serious professional experience, including defining maintenance models, determining maintenance intervals, developing, implementing and operating maintenance solutions provided by SAP. This knowledge and continuous research of industry innovations are necessary elements for the high quality and on-time delivery of a project, which our company provides for its customers.

In addition, our internal SAP Plant Maintenance services team continuously monitors the available new generation solutions, such as SAP Service and Asset Manager, or the related SAP Field Service Manager solutions. Our consulting colleagues are also ready to help our customers with these systems. Our direction of development is the examination, development and accumulating implementation experience of joint predictive solutions with our internal Data Science and Analytics Services, as well as the development of professional competence in the elements of SAP Intelligent Asset Management, with which we can offer complete end-to-end based solutions to our customers.

Our company constantly strives to provide its customers with the widest possible range of products.

We offer high-level process planning, consulting and development services in the following priority areas:

SAP core Plant Maintenance solution

The Work Manager (PM) component of the SAP system is a module organically integrated into the logistics chain, because, just as in real life, maintenance work processes in the system are closely related to Materials Management, Asset Management, Accounting and Controlling.

With this, the SAP system effectively supports users in solving maintenance tasks and functions and in the performing daily tasks in:

  • developing the organizational structure related to maintenance,
  • the creation and registration of the technical objects’ hierarchy,
  • the management of maintenance reports and orders (issuing, reporting and accounting for maintenance work),
  • planning and determining maintenance costs,
  • the construction of a maintenance information system.

The reduction of lost work through preventive maintenance is an important element of the company culture. The SAP PM module provides the solution for managing this as well.

SAP Asset Manager and SAP Work Manager

SAP Asset Manager and SAP Work Manager are SAP’s latest generation mobile products. In the field of maintenance SAP considers mobile work to be extremely important, this is why its set objective is the continuous development of mobile products. With the support of the applications, a new type of comprehensive work opportunity opens up for maintenance staff, be it offline or online, anywhere in the world.

Through constant monitoring of innovations and trends, our colleagues have already participated in several SAP Asset Manager and SAP Work Manager implementations and further developments.

SAP MRS (Multi Resource Scheduling)

SAP MRS is a tool for scheduling maintenance work. When planning the maintenance tasks, it is important that the usable schedule can be prepared conveniently on a dedicated design interface. A graphic planning board makes this possible. When scheduling maintenance tasks, users have the opportunity to plan the capacity of different resources (workplace, person) and verify it after planning.

During the scheduling of maintenance work, passivity in the production area can be reduced and downtime in the factory can be minimized. With the SAP MRS module, is easy to schedule and review maintenance tasks.

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