SAP Business Intelligence Services

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SAP Business Intelligence Services

We are providing SAP DWH solutions including 3x, 7.5 and the newest SAP BI solutions, using a variety of display tools

We are providing HANA based solutions to our clients, from greenfield implementation to HANA migration

Our team was the first in the country to implement a large HANA based BW project

Our colleagues have experience in creating data models and reports using SAP BW on HANA and SAP BW4 HANA

Our experts are confident in preparing complex calculation view reports

Our team has experience with AI, IOT and predictive analytics both in SAC and in Embedded analytics

SAP Business Intelligence services

The preparation and use of reports of adequate quality plays one of the most important roles in the operation of each company, whether knowingly or less so.

Using appropriate queries helps the work of all colleagues at every level within the company. A good report is essential not only for the top or middle management, but also for the employees working in the administration.

For larger companies, one of the most commonly used tools is a certain version of SAP BW (SAP Business Warehouse) or SAP BI (SAP Business Intelligence).

Our SAP Data Warehouse or Business Intelligence solutions

Onespire Ltd.’s SAP BI team strives to be familiar with the operation, possibilities and limitations of each version of the SAP BW or SAP BI (hereinafter: SAP BI) system that is still used. We know the different development environments connected to the SAP BI system and the available reporting tools.

In our projects, we not only implement new modules and business areas or create new reports, but we also carry out technical and functional migration of existing and live SAP BW systems to BW on HANA or BW/4HANA versions.

Our experts are providing SAP DWH solutions including 3x, 7.5 and the newest SAP BI solutions, using a variety of display tools. In the recent years with the emergence of the SAP HANA database technology the data modelling possibilities has significantly changed in SAP BW, making us dedicated to the possibilities offered by SAP HANA.

Our team was the first in the country to implement a large HANA based BW project, and ever since we are providing HANA based solutions to our clients, from greenfield implementation to HANA migration.

Our colleagues have experience in creating data models and reports using SAP BW on HANA and SAP BW4 HANA, using HANA native data modelling tools. Our experts are confident in preparing complex calculation view reports.

Reporting solutions

Fortunately, not only the SAP Business Explorer-based reporting tools can be used anymore, so the world of reporting and dashboarding tools with different styles, operating methods and designs has opened up to users.

Onespire Ltd.’s SAP BI team places great emphasis on being able to provide the most suitable answer to the various needs of our customers, regardless of the tools used by them.

We work with the classic SAP Business Explorer or Analysis for Office visualization built on the SAP BI system. Our colleagues are familiar with and use the classic web displays built on the basic SAP BI system in their development tasks, such as WAD (web application designer) or SAP Business Objects Web Intelligence.

We helped our clients to migrate from BEX analyser to Analysis for Office, and for the IT team from GUI and Bex Analyzer to Eclipse.

We create dashboards using the SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) tool, but we are also aware of the possibilities of Tableau, QlikView or IBM Cognos Analytics. Our colleagues have carried out corporate reporting tasks for many clients using Microsoft Power BI.

We have created reports on S4HANA, BW4HANA and BW on HANA. We always put considerable effort and make tedious testing in order to create the best performance possible for our reports, with the fastest response time. We test performance issues from the beginning of the data model to the end, from the DSO to the front-end dashboards exploring all possibilities.

Our goal is always to reach the best performance possible with the most standard solution, so when our partner starts to use and operate the new reports and back-end model, they face no issues. We always provide sufficient documentation and training to our partners for the front-end and back-end solutions as well.

SAP BI tools: Performer Suite

A “must have” application for your SAP BI environment

Performer Suite is a powerful set of tools designed to automate SAP Business Analytics processes. The software makes the daily work with SAP BI solutions easier and more efficient. Performer Suite can automate time-consuming routine work and enhance cooperation between internal and external teams.

Discover how the four powerful tools available in Performer Suite and our related SAP BI services can speed up your operation while reducing costs!

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SAP Docu Performer logo
SAP System Scout logo
SAP Migration Booster logo
SAP Translation Steward logo

Planning and Consolidation

We also implement, operate and extend different types of SAP BI-based planning systems. Our team has extensive experience in the development of the SAP BI Integrated Planning (SAP BI IP) system, but we have also participated in many projects using the newer version of the SAP BI Business Planning and Consolidation (SAP BI BPC) tool. One of our colleagues has even developed planning solutions in the old SEM-BPS (Business Planning and Simulations) system.

Our colleagues also have IBM Planning Analytics certification.

During our projects we also use SAP Data Services solutions.

Of course, the consolidation implemented in the SAP BI environment cannot be left out either. Our colleagues have implemented many successful projects using the SAP SEM Business Consolidation (SEM-BCS) tool and have even been supporting our customers in using the solution ever since.

Nowadays, all of our customers using the SAP SEM Business Consolidation tool asks how they should proceed, and which tool can they use for business consolidation tasks in the future. Our colleagues have examined the possibilities and can recommend an ideal solution for each company, either by using SAP Business Planning and Consolidation version for SAP BW/4HANA or SAP S/4HANA Finance for group reporting.

SAP Business Intelligence Services: Our vision and cooperation

We stand by SAP’s directive for Business Intelligence: “The integration of Business Intelligence, Enterprise Planning, and Augmented Analytics in a single engine allows for a smooth experience from reporting, to simulation, to enterprise planning, and back again, all augmented by machine learning.”

We expect to offer continuously better and more integrated solutions for our partners while providing our SAP Business Intelligence Services.

As the biggest SAP BI team in Central Europe, we pay special attention to the development of our colleagues from the latest back-end solution to the newest front-end tools in the market.

Zsolt started his career on the client side, and even later took part in several SAP R/3 implementation projects.

Since 2007, he has been involved in BW systems and the implementation and support of BW-based planning solutions.

As a BW consultant, Zsolt participated in the implementation of BW reporting for several SAP R/3 modules, and in the development of complex corporate reporting and planning systems.

He worked with several different versions of BW systems, used and got familiar with various technologies during his career, including the latest BW4Hana solutions.

Zsolt Kaprinyák

Zsolt Kaprinyák

SAP Business Intelligence Competence Centre’s leader

Our Clients

Our goal is to offer a premium development and consulting services portfolio to our clients as a strategic partner. We have built long-lasting and close working relationship with our outstanding clientele.


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