SAP ABAP Development Services

Discover Onespire’s comprehensive SAP ABAP Development Services!

SAP ABAP Development Services

Our experts offer comprehensive SAP ABAP development services for our clients

In the ABAP development projects we apply the latest SAP technologies (object-oriented programming, new ABAP syntax, performance analysis)

Our activities are the following: development of reports and exits, form technologies, workflow development, queries, development of entire applications

We can select the best possible solution for our clients

During the implementation we adapt to our client’s existing development standards

We are continuously expanding and updating our colleagues’ competences

SAP ABAP Development Services

Delivering software development tasks related to various SAP modules at the highest possible level is Onespire Ltd.’s top priority.

The experts of the SAP ABAP Development Competence Center offer comprehensive development services to our clients.

SAP uses ABAP to implement its own applications on the NetWeaver ABAP platform, and SAP clients use the ABAP programming language to modify the functionality of SAP applications, or to develop their own solutions on the NetWeaver ABAP platform.

Despite the fact that with the introduction of the HANA platform ABAP is playing a reduced role in several SAP products, it is still of central importance in the most widely implemented SAP products. The ABAP language also plays a significant role in SAP’s new generation S/4HANA ERP platform, as the data acquisition interface (ODATA) of SAP FIORI applications has to be still programmed in ABAP.

Our SAP ABAP development services

Onespire’s SAP software development experts have followed the evolution of the ABAP programming language from the start, and due to this, we have gained significant experience on almost all platforms in this field:

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Our principles followed during the SAP ABAP development services

During the development of our systems we build on solutions based on proven standards, using conventional and common modules with community or official support. We use the latest object-oriented technologies and methods, as well as apply the best practices recommended by the manufacturers of the software environments (e.g. SAP, Oracle, etc.) defined as the framework of the development activity.

We avoid unnecessary developments, we use the services of the basic infrastructure, and we replace the missing ones with common solutions.

We deliver scalable SAP solutions; we build systems that can be scaled without programming as the number of users increases.

We deliver applications that are easy to operate, the products can self report what happened and what is happening (it can be monitored).

We place emphasis on fast and parallel SAP developments, which we support with various tools, the solution enables several employees to quickly develop great functionality concurrently, without disturbing each other.

We create maintainable code, by limiting the developers to a certain degree it is possible to replace programmers during a development project and while using the software live. To this end, we use detailed regulations regarding the program code and commenting, so part of the development documentation can be automatically generated from the software code.

We carry out agile development, extensively using the most modern methodologies (Extreme Programming, Scrum) in our development projects.

Our development experts get involved in the conceptual planning, so they offer advice on finding the most optimal solution in the technical implementation.

During the implementation, we adapt to the development standards established by client, in some cases we make suggestions for the use of new technologies (for example, managing the use of burned-in variables). For ABAP developments, we use the most modern SAP technologies (object-oriented programming, new ABAP syntax, performance analysis).


Main areas of our SAP ABAP development services

  • Report development solutions (query, ALV hierarchical interactive list development)
  • Interface development (SOAP web service, IDOC, other file-based interfaces)
  • Form technologies (Sapscript, Smartforms, SAP Adobe form)
  • Development of exits (BADI, user exits, enhancement)
  • Workflow development (flexible workflow for S/4 HANA)
  • DEBUG (analysis of standard processes, debugging)
  • Development of complete applications (private registered domain)

Introducing our SAP ABAP development competence centre

Our competence center pays a lot of attention to the professional development of our colleagues and the training of new junior colleagues. We have our own knowledge base database, which we created based on the years of experience of our senior colleagues, and we are constantly expanding it so that we can implement the most optimal solution quickly and easily.


Our focus areas

  • Using SAP S/4HANA readiness check tool, ABAP code assessment, development S4HANA transition proposals, Custom Code Migration,
  • S/4HANA cloud platform developments,
  • ABAP RESTful programming model,
  • CDS Views, AMDP script,
  • Embed Analytic,
  • SAP S/4HANA Migration Cockpit.

During his more than 25-year career, he has gained extensive experience in SAP ABAP development. He has widespread knowledge in development areas related to several modules and obtained a development certification in ABAP 4.0 version. In addition to carrying out development tasks, he participated in several projects as a development manager, leading the work of other experts.

In the development of our proprietary products (VAT declaration), he currently provides various activities, from planning through the completion of development tasks, and support as well.

In the S/4 HANA area, he constantly expands his knowledge by learning new technologies (Custom Code Migration, CDS view, RAP development technology).

Gábor Balázs

Gábor Balázs

SAP ABAP Development Competence Centre’s leader

Our Clients

Our goal is to offer a premium development and consulting services portfolio to our clients as a strategic partner. We have built long-lasting and close working relationship with our outstanding clientele.


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