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Onespire Ltd.’s experts have many years of experience in the field of SAP implementation, development and support services. Our international operation focuses on Belgium, Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Luxemburg and Switzerland.

While providing our various SAP services, we strive to adapt the jointly designed and developed ERP system to the business processes of our customers.

SAP consulting services

Onespire’s team of SAP experts develop and implement SAP systems our  clients throughout Europe. Our consultants and developers help to define business needs, create customized SAP solutions, and seamlessly integrate SAP applications into existing IT infrastructures.

In addition to the core ERP solutions, our consulting team also covers a wide range of SAP products and industry solutions.​
Our preofessional services provide our customers with a complete solution, from project planning to implementation.​​

SAP 24/7 operational support services

Our SAP Support service line was created to provide our customers with professional support for their SAP system solutions.​

Whether it is solving an issue or providing assistance to internal SAP users, our consultants and developers are always ready to help our contracted clients. As part of 24/7 SAP support services according to the needs and requirements we can cooperate with the local support team to supplement existing competencies, or even take responsibility for the entire SAP support operation.​

Successfull SAP projects

Our SAP projects include greenfield and brownfield ERP implementations, system integrations, upgrades and developments. 

Number of our clients

Our clients are market leader international organizations from various segments and industries throughout Europe.

Number of our SAP experts

Our team of experts have significant experience in the leading SAP and connected technologies.

Overview of our SAP consulting services

Our expert consultants first assess the relevant processes of the company and then for easier overview they visualize them with the help of standard process representation tools.

After that they specify and customize the selected SAP application and if necessary, carry out individual developments related to the enterprise resource planning system.

Our SAP service provider company offers complex SAP services and related solutions, which cover the entire life cycle of the process from conception through piloting, design and implementation. In addition to the implementation of applications, our professional services also cover the optimization of various SAP software, the operation and maintenance of IT solutions, and various research and development activities.

Supporting SAP implementations

During our SAP implementation projects, one of our most important goals is to ensure that our solutions effectively support our customers’ medium- and long-term plans.

The team of Onespire Ltd. has decades of thorough professional experience in SAP logistics, production, maintenance, finance, accounting controlling and BI (Business Intelligence).

Our consultants belonging to the above fields have an outstanding professional background and are avowed in the domestic and international consulting market.

SAP product line

In addition, we consciously build our expert competencies on the new SAP product lines and support its continuous innovation. As a result, we have unique project experience and knowledge in the country for several SAP software products.

We also have extensive experience with the latest SAP solutions, with a number of significant and successful references in SAP S/4, SAP BW/4 HANA implementation projects and transformations.

The first SAP EWM implementation in Central Europe was also performed by our colleagues, and we are familiar with SAP Work Manager and WMS maintenance solutions as well.
Our team of experts at Onespire Ltd. has experience in the implementation of SAP BPC planning applications and successfully accomplished project references, and one of the most significant domestic SAP Solution Manager implementation projects is also associated with our team.

SAP BI consulting services

Our company has the largest and most experienced SAP BI team in Central Europe.

The complexity of our SAP services has resulted the development of several competence centres in recent years, whose key tasks include keeping up-to-date with the latest technologies related to their areas of expertise, bringing together innovation activities and continuously training our consultants and developers.

Our SAP S/4 strategy services


For businesses the real-time management of the available information and using it to prepare on the fly analyses supporting the decision-making process are extremely important.

SAP’s product line built on a new technology, S/4 HANA is an intelligent, integrated enterprise resource planning system, running on memory-based database developed by SAP. The special in-memory database application makes it possible to display reports and analytics in easy to oversee and real-time manner. In the coming years SAP S/4 HANA will gradually take the place of the earlier SAP ECC solutions on the domestic market as well.

Advantages of SAP S/4 HANA


With the help of the multi-model data manager engine, the processing of different transactions and data happens simultaneously, which accelerates the processes and the decision-preparation.


SAP S/4 HANA memory-based platform allows the development of a significantly simpler data model. Used with SAP Fiori UX surface the usage of the different tools become evident as well. Of course, it is still possible to design complex data models as well, but only when indeed needed.


With the help of the memory-based and data source isolated solution the costs of the analysis and operational tasks can be reduced.


SAP S/4 HANA is fully compatible with internal on-premise environments and with cloud-based solutions offered by internal or external providers.


It can be connected to Microsoft SQL, Oracle and IBM databases as well.

Designing SAP S/4 strategy

Often it is not easy to decide how and when to switch to the new and more efficient solution. Which method should we choose, migration or a re-implementation? How to schedule the project and when to start it? Should we accomplish the implementation in one step or in more phases?

Whichever solution we choose, for our clients we recommend to create a deliberate strategy as a first step, in order to manage changes and to efficiently utilize the strengths of S/4 HANA solution.

During the development of S/4 strategy, the first step is to understand existing business and IT processes. Following that, considering the capabilities of S/4 HANA we set up the concept containing the planning, preparation and execution steps as well. This provides a great opportunity for our clients to simplify their business processes, to develop the template-based operation and to use technological innovations.
We believe that the exact date of S/4 HANA implementation can be uncertain, but the need to develop an implementation strategy as soon as possible is not questionable.

SAP S/4 strategy: our services

With the help of Onespire Ltd.’s experienced consultants the successful delivery of the S/4 HANA implementation projects within the agreed limits can be ensured. Our employees can provide comprehensive support to our clients in surveying the requirements and the starting conditions, in setting up proper and realistic goals, in developing an appropriate strategy, in executing the operative tasks of the implementation and in supporting the daily tasks in the live environment.

Learn more about our SAP S/4 strategy services contact our experts now!

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