Overview of the SAP Asset Manager mobile app

Characteristics, functions and advantages of the modern asset management solution

Supporting maintenance processes

Nowadays, maintenance is present in almost all corporate sectors and fulfils a key role as a business process. The top priority of the companies in terms of maintenance processes is to have the best possible solution in their hands, so they can reliably and safely manage all tasks related to their equipment to be maintained. It is not an exaggeration to say that the current level of development of the industry demands 100% mobility, instant access to information, and a high level of availability in the maintenance sector as well.

SAP asset manager

SAP has always paid special attention to fulfil the needs of their customers with a high level and quality service in the maintenance sector also. The SAP asset manager mobile app was born in light of this, as SAP’s mobile solution for the maintenance segment. It also makes is possible to improve workplace safety, to increase the lifetime and the reliability of the equipment and to modernize maintenance processes with one tool. In addition, it supports maintenance staff to perform their work in the highest possible quality, by accessing complex information and the relevant business logic even offline. The SAP asset manager mobile app is available in several languages, including Hungarian, English and German.

Main general characteristics of the SAP Asset Manager mobile app

1. Flexibility of the mobile device and the back-end

a. Available for iOS and Android platforms, for mobile phones and tablets.
The application can use the built-in features of a device by supporting the mobile native functions, such as TouchID, FaceID, camera or positioning.

b. The application created using the FIORI development language offers a clear and attractive user interface

c. It is fully compatible and integrable with the classic SAP ERP and the SAP S/4 HANA systems as well.

2. Cloud based service

a. With the SAP Cloud Platform installation is quick and cost-efficient.

b. Minimal IT costs compared to setting up an entire infrastructure.

c. Access to the latest and greatest features of SAP technology platform.

3. Online and offline mobile device usage

a. The application is designed for fully offline use.

b. It is capable to handle the synchronization of the job and device data online, offline or with intermittent connection.

c. Back-end synchronization at user defined intervals.

4. Development opportunities

a. With the Mobile Development KIT available within the SAP Cloud Platform, we can easily and quickly develop or customize our application.

b. Besides this the SAP FIORI FOR iOS SDK and the SAP FIORI FOR Android SDK are also available development options, which ensure that more advanced level of development requirements can be fulfilled.

Supporting business processes in the SAP Asset Manager mobile app

All the basic capabilities of the PM module are supported and handled by the SAP Asset Manager, such as work execution process, time management, or resource management during the maintenance activities.

Processing maintenance orders with the SAP Asset Manager mobile app

In the SAP PM module maintenance order plays the most important role. The order allows to pinpoint working hours and locations, set up a sequence of operations, reserve and use the components needed, and to confirm the operations. Feedback and associated times appear in the cost centers, which is essential for the controlling department.

The SAP Asset Manager mobile app allows maintenance staff to receive these tasks using a modern mobile application instead of the old, outdated paper-based method. With the mobile application, the hours spent on each task can be recorded immediately on the spot. Furthermore, using the application it is possible to attach a photo or a document about the completed job or the location.

In SAP Asset Manager, materials belonging to the equipment are also displayed as a parts list / bill of material, helping to determine the materials to be used and the exact part numbers. With the help of the mobile application, it is possible to book instant material movements.

SAP asset manager work order processing

1. Maintenance notification process

The PM notification object is used to record minor errors, malfunctions and momentary downtime in the SAP system during daily operation. These notifications do not necessarily generate immediate reactions, but their recording into the system and their subsequent analysis is absolutely necessary to correct possible errors.
The SAP Asset Manager mobile app provides tremendous help and ease in capturing reports to maintenance field staff.

Through SAP Asset Manager, the employee detecting an error can immediately see what closed or open maintenance reports and orders are in the system, and instead of logging in to the previous email, phone and SAP system, he or she can immediately submit a new report. Naturally, this notification is synchronized to the CORE SAP, so the maintenance or shift manager will be able to make further decisions based on the information received.

The SAP Asset Manager has a feature to attach photos, documents damage photo, cause codes and tasks (for the completed or open to-dos) to the notifications.

The notification can also be immediately converted to order using SAP Asset Manager.

SAP Asset Manager notification update process

2. Handling technical objects in SAP Asset Manager mobile app solution

Technical objects, like the functional locations and the equipment are the base master data of the SAP PM module. The functional locations are the physical locations where maintenance has to be performed. Technical objects collect maintenance notifications and orders. Notifications and orders have to contain in most (and best) cases an equipment or functional location number for the easy identification of the maintenance task’s actual location, as it has an important role in the subsequent reporting processes as well.

Using SAP Asset manager, it is possible to add and edit technical objects and attach documents (e.g., photos) on the mobile device. The previously recorded reports are visible on the technical objects, and a new notification can be added if maintenance personnel has detected a malfunction on the spot. SAP Asset Manager can display hierarchical structure of these objects, known from the CORE SAP.

SAP asset manager notification update process handling functional locations equipments

As shown in the figures above, all the functions found in the basic SAP PM module are provided and serviced by SAP Asset Manager. The major advantage over the predecessor systems and the core PM module is that these functions can be accessed on a new, clean and easy-to-overview user interface, having the following extra functions:

  • Display functional locations and equipment on a map, route planning, GIS support.

SAP asset manager route planning

  • Graphical depiction of measuring points.

SAP asset manager graphical depiction of measuring points

  • Logging in using Touch ID.

SAP asset manager touch ID login

3. Architecture of the SAP Asset Manager mobile app

SAP Asset Manager connects to the SAP Backend already through the SAP Cloud Platform as a middleware, be it ECC or HANA. SAP Cloud Platform actually appears as a middleware, it does not contain business data or logic! The data is stored by SAP on the mobile and in the Core SAP.

A Mobile SDK is available as part of the SAP Cloud Platform to edit and develop a mobile-device based application. This way, there is no need for separately installed servers, eclipse or other applications to implement a new field or business logic.

SAP asset manager mobil SDK

4. Add-ons

In addition to the rich basic functionality, SAP Asset Manager also offers the option to use feature expansion packs issued by SAP, which consist of:

4.1 Field Operations Worker

a. The extension supports the work of maintenance staff working specifically in the field and are often on the move, performing device checks and minor inspections at the specified measurement points, even in physically distant locations. It adds the following extra functionality to the core SAP Asset Manager application:

  • Display the daily planned route on a map in an on online or offline format.
  • Display the details of the route, such as work ID and description, priority and other characteristics.
  • It also shows the main data of the stop, which was recorded earlier.
  • The Rapid on-site data recording allows all measurement points assigned to a technical location to be read on a single summary screen.

4.2 Crew management

a. The add-on allows us to manage the staff at our disposal and the vehicles assigned to them as efficiently as possible. It extends the basic program with the following functions:

  • Add, remove and assign staff to work.
  • Add, remove, and select vehicles for work.
  • Administrate the vehicle’s route, recording odometer readings to data sheet.
  • Report, review and approve staff resource entries.
  • Generate fortnightly summary reports on staff.

4.3 Meter management

a. The meter management add-on specifically designed to support the handling of the measuring devices. It supports work with the following features:

  • Install meters (technical and full installations).
  • Remove or replace meters (technical and full removal).
  • Connect and remove meters from the network.
  • Periodic and aperiodic readings.
  • Creating meter maintenance orders.

4.4 Customer Service

a. The add-on specifically supports the section of the maintenance process where various contractual services are provided to third parties. It supports work with the following features:

  • View and manage service details.
  • Manage partner data related to the customer.
  • Warranty and contract details for the customer.
  • Online map assignment to customer contact.

All in all, SAP Asset Manager helps companies and users to perform maintenance tasks efficiently, quickly and flexibly, based on the most advanced technology available today. Being a mobile application, it can establish an instant connection with the SAP Backend wherever the user is located, so there is no need to visit the sites or the office to complete a task.

Overview of the SAP Asset Manager mobile app

This article was written by: Tibor Barabás and László Nagy

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