Paloznak Jazzpicnic 2023

Enchanting atmosphere and unique experiences

Artists from all around the world filled the afternoons and evenings of the first week of August at this year’s Paloznaki Jazz Picnic with stylish melodies and breathtaking performances. Once again, the event provided a delightful and light-hearted celebration for the senses, where alongside culinary experiences, Homola Winery’s offerings also took the stage. Meanwhile, at the dedicated Mindspire and Onespire podium, we celebrated the power of art and shared music listening.

Eclectic musical extravaganza

The three-day music festival kicked off on Thursday, August 3rd, at the MOL Main Stage, starting the special musical journey with a “Get Funky” warm-up. The wonderful bass guitarist Nik West woke us up with groovy melodies, followed by the Superar concert and the legendary Rick Astley, leading to an enormous party. In the more intimate ambiance of the Audi Jazz Stage, the acoustic sounds of Acoustic Cuts and Gabó Acoustique caressed our ears, while at the Taittinger Champagne Terrace, Hász Eszter Quintet and A Bence Kalandjai served up an exceptional jazz experience with elegance. And this was just the opening day of the festival…

The magic of the festival lies in the details

Paloznaki Jazz Picnic wasn’t just about the musical performances; meticulously planned details of the event were also an integral part of the experience. The Taittinger champagne served on the terraces and the carefully selected culinary delights added a touch of sophistication, perfectly complementing the performances of musical virtuosos.

Mindspire and Onespire Terrace

As in previous years, this year too, the VIP area of the event featured its own exclusive podium for Mindspire and Onespire companies. This comfortable and elegant environment allowed us to casually meet with our clients and partners while enjoying the festival’s stage shows together. Moments between concerts were defined by cheerfulness and excitement, as we relaxed in the soaring music and felt the magical power of creativity and talent. The festival once again proved that relaxation and entertainment can be both inspiring and professionally valuable experiences, with an important part being the building of human connections and the experience of creative energy.

Enjoying the moment together

As dedicated supporters of music and art, we proudly declare that we were part of this musical journey. This year’s Paloznaki Jazz Picnic will remain unforgettable, and despite the changing weather, we wholeheartedly enjoyed our meetings at our dedicated podiums.

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Paloznak Jazzpicnic 2023


This article was written by: Onespire Ltd.

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