Overview of the SAP Quality Issue Resolution solution

Effective processes for handling potential quality problems in the SAP system

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The business world creates constant challenges and changes, so it is critical for companies to be able to ensure the stable operation of their business processes and the high quality of their products and services. SAP, as a leading provider of business solutions, is increasingly playing a central role in the day-to-day operation of companies.

The SAP Quality Issue Resolution (SAP QIR) concept focuses on how to effectively handle quality issues in the SAP system, in order to operate companies smoothly, and to maintain or increase the satisfaction of their customers and clients. The SAP QIR concept itself covers processes across SAP Fiori applications, which we will detail below.

Challenges raised by quality problems for an organization

During the day-to-day operations of companies, several quality problems may arise, which may be related to products, services, or business processes. These abnormalities can have a serious impact on customer and client satisfaction, productivity, and the company’s reputation. Effectively identifying and resolving such issues is key to the long-term success of businesses.

Proactive monitoring and analysis of business processes using SAP

The SAP system provides companies with the opportunity to monitor business processes and their performance in real time. Through proactive monitoring and analysis, companies are able to detect potential quality problems in time before they cause significant damage.

Centralized management of quality data in SAP

Centralized and structured management of data in the SAP system allows companies to easily access all relevant information regarding a specific quality issue. This speeds up problem identification and resolution.

Automate notifications and alerts with SAP

The SAP system also supports configurable alerts and automated notifications that immediately indicate quality issues. This allows those responsible to react immediately and begin to resolve the problem quickly.

Analytics and reports provided by SAP

The detailed analytical tools and reports available in the SAP system enable an in-depth understanding of the roots and causes of quality issues. This helps to develop long-term solutions.

SAP Quality Issue Resolution solution illustration

Designing the optimized quality process in the SAP QIR solution

SAP Quality Issue Resolution focuses not only on the subsequent handling of problems, but also on their prevention. An optimal quality process includes the following steps.

Preliminary quality control in SAP

Before introducing new products or processes, a thorough quality control has to be performed in the SAP system. This helps to avoid potential problems before implementation.

SAP quality management applications

The SAP ecosystem offers many quality management applications and solutions that help you effectively manage and prevent problems. An example of this is the “Manage Problem-Solving Processes” Fiori app:

SAP Quality Issue Resolution solution screenshot

Figure 1: SAP Manage Problem-Solving processes application – Overview interface

Continuous development and feedback with the help of SAP

Quality improvements in the SAP system must be continuous. Through feedback and continuous improvement, companies can further refine their quality processes.

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Key features of the SAP Quality Issue Resolution solution

SAP QIR solution illustration

Problem reporting and follow-up

SAP QIR allows users to easily report quality issues in the system. Recorded quality problems can be easily tracked in the solution, the statuses of individual cases are constantly updated, so that all parties involved can stay up-to-date.
Related functions:

  • Reporting a quality issue
  • Describing a quality problem
  • Accessing information

Creating quality issue reports and analysis in the SAP QIR solution

SAP Quality Issue Resolution provides the ability to easily create reports and analyzes of reported quality problems that can help improve and optimize business processes:

  • Long-term analysis
  • Process development

SAP QIR collaboration tools

SAP’s quality problem management solution enables collaboration between the parties involved. Individual teams can easily share information and work together to solve quality problems.

Automated system repair

SAP Quality Issue Resolution also offers the option of performing automated system fixes that support dealing with errors quickly and efficiently. This minimizes business process disruption and customer dissatisfaction.

  • Automated repair
  • Monitoring and reporting

SAP QIR detailed analytics

SAP’s quality solution provides users with detailed analytical tools that help them identify the roots of quality problems and their background. By analyzing reported problems, companies can more easily prevent similar cases in the future. Main analytical functions:

  • Following up on quality cases
  • Assigning a team
  • Analyzing problems

Documentation and knowledge base

SAP QIR allows the attachment of documents during the quality issue resolution process. This way, a knowledge base can be created, which also provides a useful source of information in the long term for the management of repeated cases.

SAP QIR solution screenshot

Figure 2: Manage Problem-Solving processes application – Detailed interface

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What’s new in the SAP Quality Issue Resolution system

Below we describe some new features and improvements related to the SAP QIR system, which contribute to a more effective management of quality problems and increase the functionality of the system.

SAP QIR illustration

Real-time tracking of error tickets

One of the outstanding innovations in the SAP QIR system is the introduction of real-time tracking of error tickets related to quality. This feature allows customers and experts to track error tickets and their status without delay. When an error ticket is updated, it is immediately visible to all parties involved. This results in faster response and communication in the investigation and correction of quality issues.

Data and documents related to SAP QIR error tickets

The SAP Quality Issue Resolution system enables customers, clients, and professionals to easily access relevant data and documents related to error tickets. In this way, those involved can investigate any problems that may arise faster and more efficiently and document the solutions. For example, photos, videos, specifications, and reports can be attached to SAP QIR tickets.

Mobile applications and mobile accessibility

The SAP QIR system has been expanded with mobile applications and mobile availability, so users can access the solution anytime and anywhere.

SAP QIR automated notifications and alerts

The system automatically generates notifications and alerts when new quality error tickets are registered or when important events occur related to ongoing notifications. This helps in immediate response and urgent handling of quality related issues, minimizing delay.

Integration with other SAP modules

The SAP QIR system was integrated with the SAP ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and SAP CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems. This enables closer collaboration and sharing of data and information across the company.

Faster data processing and analysis in SAP QIR

The system has new data processing and analysis tools that help to process data faster and more efficiently. This is important for faster resolution of quality problems and identification of possible trends.

Together, these new functions and developments contribute to increasing the efficiency and functionality of the SAP Quality Issue Resolution system and help companies develop better quality management.

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Benefits available to clients using the SAP QIR system

Faster and more efficient quality management

With the help of the SAP QIR system, companies can manage quality problems faster and more efficiently. The cases reported are quickly recorded in the system and can be evaluated and managed immediately. This minimizes the time to deal with quality issues and reduces client dissatisfaction.

Transparency and traceability

The SAP Quality Issue Resolution solution enables the individuals reporting the issue to track the status of error tickets and the process of correcting them. This increases transparency and creates trust among users.

Better communication

Communication processes can be easily managed in the SAP QIR system. Communication between the individuals reporting the issue and the company’s specialists can be easily documented in the solution. This helps prevent misunderstandings and ensures that all the necessary information is available to resolve the quality issue.

Quality improvement and prevention

The SAP QIR system helps customers, clients, and companies identify the causes and sources of quality problems. This allows companies to take appropriate measures to prevent similar problems from recurring in the future.

Better handling of questions and complaints

Quality issues and complaints can be handled in a structured and efficient manner by the SAP Issue Resolution system. This increases client satisfaction.

Increasing the quality of products and services

SAP QIR helps to improve the quality of products and services. Immediate response and quick resolution of problems contribute to quality improvements, which can have a positive impact on customer and client satisfaction in the long term.

The SAP Quality Issue Resolution system therefore not only provides advantages for businesses in terms of quality management, but also results in positive experiences and better-quality products or services for customers and buyers.

Consider, for example, a food company that uses the SAP QIR system. If a consumer files a complaint about a poor-quality food product, the company immediately records the error ticket in the QIR system. During the evaluation, the system automatically identifies the severity of the problem and the responsible persons. The error ticket management team will immediately start analyzing the quality problem and find a quick solution. The customer perceives the company’s effective response and resolution, which improves customer satisfaction and strengthens the company’s reputation.

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Examples of the practical application of the SAP Quality Issue Resolution system

Management of manufacturing defects

For a car manufacturing company, the SAP QIR system is an excellent tool for quickly and efficiently handling production defects. When a vehicle owner encounters a quality problem, the company can immediately record the fault ticket in the system and start solving the problem. SAP Quality Issue Resolution helps identify and manage manufacturing defects, improving vehicle quality and customer satisfaction.

Management of food safety

Food industry companies have to pay special attention to food safety. When a customer files a complaint about a food quality problem, the SAP QIR system enables a quick reaction and identification of the problem. In this way, food companies can ensure that their products remain safe and of high quality.

Pharmaceutical quality control

Pharmaceutical companies have to meet strict quality standards. The SAP QIR system enables fast and accurate quality problem management and helps to identify potential dangers related to medicines. This increases patient safety and the quality of medicines for pharmaceutical companies.

Summary of the SAP QIR Solution

With the Quality Issue Resolution concept, SAP would like to provide support in two difficult-to-grasp problems that affect all companies.

The first is the optimization of internal processes, which is a continuous task and is constantly hovering over the heads of the management. Basically, the difficulty of the task is rooted in the lack of information. When searching for a solution, companies usually realize that the causes are not or not fully known, and the details of the problems are lost during the flow of information between colleagues or in the sea of emails.

The second problem is the integration of external feedback into production and operational processes. Feedback from consumers, customers, and clients is a good basis for development, but without a centralized system, the processing of such information can be difficult and difficult, and the information can even be lost.

In both cases, the SAP QIR system can be a useful and profitable investment that can benefit most companies. The application provides versatile tools for all stages of the resolution, from problem reporting to long-term improvements.

Author: Gábor Bukta

Images made with generative AI by Vanda Kocsis


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Effective processes for handling potential quality problems in the SAP system

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