Our professional lectures at the Logistics Day 2021 Conference

Our experts presented two fresh and exciting topics at the online conference.

Logistics Day Conference 2021

Logistics Day Conference took place on 15 April, 2021 in Hungary, organised by the Hungarian Logistics, Procurement and Inventory Company (HLPIC). HLPIC is a community bringing together supply chain management professionals in order to create and operate efficient, sustainable and ethical supply chains.

In view of the pandemic regulations, the event was held online with educational establishments, professional organizations and businesses as speakers. In the diverse program offerings apart from Onespire Ltd.’s logistics experts from Siemens, DHL and Budapest Business School was holding presentations.

Our kick-off presentation: Impact of COVID-19 pandemic on the car industry

As the first presentation of the Logistics Day 2021, at 9:00 am, Péter Túróczi, and Mariann Kerekes Onespire Ltd.’s specialists at the Production Logistics Competence Centre presented an overview of the effects of the coronavirus on the car industry:

  • The impact of the pandemic on the car industry and the car market
  • Logistical and supply problems caused by the pandemic
  • Market and IT trends which determine the future of the industry

In the presentation we reviewed the situation of the automotive supply chains for the Chinese, global and domestic markets from the beginning of 2020. We examined the development of sales in the light of the relevant statistics, and also described the various forecasts and prognosis in detail. In addition to the developments expected in Hungary, we have also talked about the possible future of the industry as a whole.

Watch the recording of our ‘Impact of COVID-19 pandemic on the car industry’ presentation!

    Our afternoon presentation: e-waste management options today and expected scenarios

    At the Logistics Day 2021 conference Onespire Ltd.’s held a general presentation about e-waste management and its challenges at 1:00pm on 15 April:

    • The background and current status of e-waste management
    • Scenarios for the future of e-waste management
    • Potential effects of Industry 4.0 and digitalisation

    Balázs Bozsolik, Onespire Ltd.’s expert presented the risks of e-waste management from the perspective of Industry’s 4.0. The presentation outlined the areas and concepts that can influence the generation of this waste and the recovery options.

    Watch the recording of our ‘e-waste management options today and expected scenarios’ presentation!

      Onespire Ltd. -SAP Inbound and Production Logistics Competence Centre

      The lectures at Logistics Day 2021 are held by our colleagues from SAP Inbound and Production Logistics Competence Centre.

      The Competence Centre aims to facilitate digitization and transformation in the procurement area through cloud-based SAP (Ariba) and other solutions.

      Discover the services of Onespire Ltd.’s SAP Inbound and Production Logistics Competence Centre!

      Our professional lectures at the Logistics Day 2021 Conference

      This article was written by: Péter Túróczi and Balázs Bozsolik

      SAP Warehouse and Transport Logistics Services

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