Onespire’s start of the year All-Staff Meeting 2022

Budapest, February 24, 2022

In person again

Although our similar event in 2021 had to be held online, fortunately this year the Onespire All-Staff Meeting 2022 event took place traditionally. The Liszt Ferenc conference room and the bowling bar of Novotel Hotel provided a perfect venue for the whole evening program.

Onespire all staff meeting 2022

Overview of the previous period

In the first section, we reviewed the achievement of the last 12 months’ strategic goals, giving our employees a comprehensive picture of the status of our clients and projects. Despite the turbulent and unexpected challenges of the 2021 financial year, our company was still able to maintain its calm, organic development.

Looking ahead 2022

We then outlined the plans for the next period to our colleagues, describing the main focus points. Among these the international expansion of our company is a key priority, for which the formal framework is currently being created, supporting our currently running and planned foreign projects.

In addition, we continue to place significant emphasis on the knowledge development related to our services and competence centers. These include the preparation for our flagship projects, the acquisition of various trainings and certifications, and the acquisition of skills related to the planned new services.

Furthermore, we have outlined to our staff our ongoing and planned projects at company level in each sector, providing an overview of our diversified activities for all departments.

Our new employees

The Onespire All-Staff Meeting was also a perfect opportunity for the new colleagues who have recently joined our team to personally introduce themselves.

Onespire 2022 events

Then the events scheduled for the next period were introduced. In addition to the traditional company events such as the skiing, the cooking competition, the sports day and the Christmas party, attendees could also learn about the Onespire Junior Club and other cultural and professional events.

Recognition of the outstanding achievements of 2021

In the next part of the All-Staff Meeting, the ‘Winners of the Year 2021’ prizes were awarded. Employees who provide outstanding individual and team performance have been rewarded in several categories:

  • Ádám Werner: Discovery of the Year
  • Richter QM Document Generation Project: Outstanding Project Performance
  • Márk Vincze: Junior Consultant of the Year
  • Zsuzsanna Kövesi: For outstanding professional work
  • Ádám Solt: For outstanding professional work
  • Péter Benkő: Developer of the Year
  • Sándor Apáthy: Business Developer of the Year
  • József Kellner: New account manager of the Year
  • Vanda Kocsis: Back-office employee of the Year
  • Anett Szalai: Author of the most popular publication of the Year
  • Róbert Tamásy: Project Manager of the Year
  • BPW S4H Introduction: Project of the Year
  • György Zubály: Consultant of the Year

Dinner and bowling

Following the professional section of the Onespire All-Staff Meeting 2022, our staff continued the evening with a dinner and a bowling party.

We would like to thank all our customers and colleagues for their cooperation in the recent period!

Gallery of the Onespire Sports Day and All Staff Meeting 2021

Onespire’s start of the year All-Staff Meeting 2022

This article was written by: Onespire Ltd.

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