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During the last decade Onespire Ltd. has developed the following applications and products for SAP ECC and S/4HANA environments.

MATCHING for SAP – Automated vendor invoice processing application

Onespire’s OData Monitoring Tool – SAP OData activity performance monitoring

Onespire Ltd.’s MES Light SAP add-on for SAP ERP or S4HANA systems

ZAKO – Hungarian Value Added Tax and Personal Income Tax declaration module

MATCHING for SAP – Automated vendor invoice processing application

MATCHING for SAP offers a simple solution for entering and verifying incoming vendor invoices, speeding up the invoice management process, while significantly reducing the need for human resources. Also, the invoice administration process itself can become more integrated.

Our predefined processes built into the solution can be used by most organizations, that use SAP’s standard basic functions and processes to provide IT support for the vendor invoice processing.

Factors affecting the automated vendor invoice processing

Using MATCHING for SAP, the time spent on performing manual tasks can be significantly reduced, so employees can focus on value-added control activities.

With the application, 75-90% of the invoices received can be processed automatically, at least up to pre-recording, based on predefined Matching scenarios, which can be fully adapted to business requirements.

When more information is included on the invoices to be entered, more items can be processed automatically.

As the proportion of logistics invoices increases, so does the percentage of automation.

The automated invoice processing is also affected by the strictness of the procurement policy for suppliers, with the obligatory requirement of the mandatory data content to be indicated on the invoices (for example, purchase order number, article number, delivery number, etc.).

The solution also supports the processing of SAP FI invoices, reads and maps supplier information; however, manual work is also required in this case.

MATCHING for SAP is a universal out-of-the-box application that can be quickly installed, while it is easily customizable based on individual needs.

Implementing the MATCHING for SAP automated vendor invoice processing application

The installation of the solution begins with collecting customer-specific information and scenarios, as well as any unique requirements.

This is followed by embedding the specific processes into the predefined Matching scenarios.

After completing customer-specific customization tasks and testing, the application can go live.

If required, our company provides continuous support to our customers during the live usage.

Advantages of the MATCHING for SAP automated vendor invoice processing application

Substantial labor costs can be saved by replacing the manual invoice processing.

Due to the recognition functions, the application does not require lengthy training and can be used immediately after the implementation.

The software is also capable of processing a significant number of invoices, with sufficient accuracy and speed.

The information automatically read by the solution can be verified on the built-in overview interface, and the pre-recording is visually displayed before the approval process.

The application dynamically follows legislative changes, complying with the requirements of the current acts on accounting.

MATCHING for SAP can be effectively combined with customer-specific processes, which also enables the continuous optimization of accounting business processes.

The solution can be flexibly integrated into the existing invoicing IT system.


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Onespire’s OData Monitoring Tool

Performance monitoring of SAP systems’ OData activity

Many companies rely on SAP ECC, S/4HANA for their daily operation. As such SAP is mission critical, therefore monitoring is a must.

NetWeaver instances provide certain metrics about their performance; however, those are buried in the system. We provide a solution to visualize OData system load as the technology gains more and more emphasis with Fiori and S/4HANA.

Features of Onespire’s OData Monitoring Tool

Our solution enables the following:

  • monitor multiple SAP Netweaver instances (prerequisite: SAP_GWFND component, any version, so both ECC and S/4 systems, no frontend server required)
  • visualize OData system load with multiple graphs
  • filter data in a user-friendly way
  • analyze trends and one-time spikes
  • save filters and application layout
  • do all this in a Fiori application

Monitoring OData system load

By uploading your data, you will be able to track system performance. With frequent data transmission a real time analysis becomes possible.

Key indicators

  • Processing time: the time it takes to process a request by the system, in seconds –use it to detect slow OData services
  • Payload: transmitted payload size in bytes –use it to detect OData services that move extraordinary amounts of data
  • Number of calls: how many times a given service was called –use it to detect frequently used services


Full feature set of an analytical list page is available.


Use visual filters to quickly focus on areas of operation in question. Visual filters also provide guidance on where to look for problems.

The left chart shows the total time spend processing and it can highlight increased system loads as shown in the below picture. The right chart shows the number of calls to OData services divided by the criteria whether the OData service is SAP standard or customer developed.


Graphs are the go-to solution for analyzing problems as they highlight areas right away. Should one need more details a table is also available for exact data representation. Both the chart and the table can be enlarged or hidden to make room for analysis.

Trends and Spikes

By filtering using the visual filters or by using drill-down in the main chart one can find answers to why the system has faced a higher load in a given period, which service was responsible, along with further details. For example, the following is a clear indicator of the in-house training that took place in the system as Launchpad customization was used dominantly.

An interesting observation that arises from the illustration is why the service responsible for querying user default parameters has such a long processing time. Why? Because even though the service that provides search functionality was called the most often it has considerably less processing time than the parameter service. Observe how the chart can be changed dynamically to support such scenarios.

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Onespire’s OData Monitoring Tool is available in the SAP Store:

Onespire MES Light SAP add-on

MES Light is an SAP add-on product, which fully integrates Manufacturing Execution System (MES) functionality into SAP ERP or S4HANA systems. These capabilities include personal data collection, quality data collection and adding essential functions to support production processes at the shopfloor.

Our main goal was to develop an SAP add-on, which supports all SAP standard production processes within discrete manufacturing, including make-to-stock, make-to-order scenarios.

Comparing SAP integrated MES solutions with third-party Manufacturing Execution Systems

Advantages of integrated SAP MES solutions

  • All MES functionality is integrated into SAP ERP or S/4HANA.
  • There is no double maintenance of data outside SAP.
  • Central maintenance of master data.
  • It is not necessary to use non-SAP tools.
  • SAP ABAP can be used as programming basis.
  • Secured release management by transport system.
  • Extra support is not required for the maintenance.
  • Performance is provided by S/4HANA.

Disadvantages of third-party Manufacturing Execution Systems

  • Additional server architecture is necessary.
  • 3rd party development is involved.
  • Usage of middleware system.
  • Master data has to be maintained in both systems.
  • Interface development effort.
  • Maintenance is required for inbound and outbound interfaces on both sides.
  • Various programming languages.
  • High license and maintenance costs.

Main functions of Onespire Ltd.’s MES Light SAP add-on

  • Reporting production orders.
  • Cockpit interface to monitor production.
  • Record quality results.
  • Updating master data.
  • Productivity report.
  • Efficiency report.
  • Supporting disposal process.
  • Processing on an alternative machine.
  • Displaying documents.
  • Integration test.

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Onespire ZAKO

Hungarian Value Added Tax (VAT) and Personal Income Tax (PIT) declaration SAP module

In 2006, Onespire Ltd. developed a VAT and SZJA declaration module (ZAKO) as its own product.

The application is designed for the NetWeaver Platform, although there is already a standard (DRC) solution in S/4 HANA, the ZAKO module can also be used on this version.

The module handles the following forms

  • VAT declaration
  • Summary statement
  • Personal Income Tax declaration, contributions
  • Transfer form
  • Foreigner’s dividend

On the SAP NetWeaver Platform, no solution exists for handling country-specific automated VAT returns, only one VAT report is available.

The essence of our solution is that, based on the data collected in the VAT report via a standard exit, our application can prepare the import XML file for the ÁNYK framework program, which can be used to prepare the return.

Advantages of Onespire’s ZAKO VAT and PIT declaration preparation SAP module

  • Automatic management of self-revisions.
  • Significant human effort can be saved during the preparation of the declarations.
  • It reduces the possibility of errors occurring when preparing the tax declaration manually.
  • Customizable with control panels.
  • Manages VAT rationing.
  • Management of tax current accounts.
  • Preparing declarations by a VAT group.
  • It can also be used in a multi-company system.
  • The application can receive data from external systems as well.
  • Management of legal predecessor companies (due to mergers).
  • All submitted declarations can be seen in one location, on the SAP interface.
  • Management of customs assessment detail sheets.

Users of Onespire’s ZAKO VAT and PIT declaration preparation SAP module

  • AUDI Hungária
  • Rail Cargo Terminal – BILK
  • BorsodChem
  • FGSZ
  • Invitech ICT Service
  • MagraL Agrár
  • MOL
  • Ongropack
  • OTP Bank
  • Rail Cargo
  • Rail Cargo Logistics – Hungária
  • Gedeon Richter
  • Magyar Telekom
  • Telenor Magyarország
  • TS Hungaria
  • TS-MÁV Gépészet Services
  • ZF Hungária

As part of our support activities, Onespire’s experts are available to our customers during the declaration period to solve any questions and problems, and we continuously install form changes for our customers.


Do you have a question about Onespire’s ZAKO VAT and PIT declaration preparation SAP module?

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During the last decade Onespire Ltd. has developed a number of applications and products for SAP ECC and S/4HANA environments. Discover our proprietary solutions supporting our clients using the SAP ecosystem more efficiently and cost-effectively!

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