Onespire Christmas donations 2021

Leaving an extraordinary period behind, we are preparing for the holiday season and the closure of 2021.

As in recent years, this Christmas our company has again supported foundations engaged in charitable activities.

We have contributed to the operations of organizations that offer treatment to sick children.

Magic Lamp Foundation

The Magic Lamp Public Benefit Foundation (Csodalámpa Közhasznú Alapítvány) fulfills the wishes of 200-300 seriously ill children every year with the help of their nationwide network and supporters.

The activities of volunteer hospital-educators, social workers, nurses and psychologists who work here greatly support and accelerate the recovery and rehabilitation process, breaking the tedious routine of treatments for both children and parents. The Magic Lamp Foundation is available to children at major children’s clinics across the country.

Onespire christmas donations 2021

This year, our company contributed HUF 1.000.000 to the operation of the Magic Lamp Foundation.

The website of the foundation:

Bethesda Hospital Foundation

The Bethesda Children’s Hospital in Budapest, operated by the Reformed Church in Hungary, treats an average of 9,000 inpatients each year. In addition, more than 120,000 patients are treated as outpatients. The institution participates in the childcare system of the capital city, but it also receives patients from Pest county and other parts of the country. The main profile of Bethesda Hospital is the care of children with epilepsy and burns, and the National Center for Children with Burns also operates here.

Bethesda hospital support 2021

At the end of 2021, Onespire Ltd. donated HUF 1.500.000 to the Bethesda Hospital Foundation.

The homepage of the foundation:

N.A.P. Foundation for the Care of Premature Babies

The N.A.P. Public Benefit Foundation was established in 1998, its goal is to improve the Semmelweis University’s II. Obstetrics and Gynecology Clinic’s preterm infant care. Their tasks include the improvement of material and personal conditions, the modernization of equipment and instrumentation. They also support the training and specialization of doctors and nurses involved in the care of premature babies.

NAP foundation support 2021

Our company supported the N.A.P. Public Benefit Foundation with HUF 1.651.000, which is used to procure an essential equipment for the care of the newborn babies.

The website of the foundation:


We wish our partners a peaceful and merry Christmas on behalf of all the employees of Onespire Ltd.!

Onespire Christmas donations 2021

This article was written by: Onespire Ltd.

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