Onespire’s OData Monitoring Tool is now available in the SAP Store

Many companies rely on SAP ECC, S/4HANA for their daily operation.

As such SAP is mission critical, therefore monitoring is a must. Our latest tool provides a solution to visualize OData system load as the technology gains more and more emphasis with Fiori and S/4HANA.

System load visualization in SAP S/4HANA

NetWeaver instances provide certain metrics about their performance, however those are buried in the system. With our solution you will be able to monitor multiple SAP NetWeaver instances and visualize OData system load.

Onespire’s OData Monitoring Tool works with SAP S/4HANA and SAP ERP.

Discover how Onespire’s OData Monitoring Tool can support your company to analyze system load in real time!

SAP Odata monitoring tool dashboard

Main benefits of Onespire’s OData Monitoring Tool

Monitoring SAP system load

SAP Fiori uses OData. If you rely on SAP Fiori for your daily operations, it is reassuring to know that the underlying OData services are healthy and performing as they should.

Gain insight via a visual approach

By relying on a visual first approach, underperforming OData services can easily be identified. Outliers are spotted at first sight and this way problems gain a focus.

Enable analysis of app usage

Customers need to back business and financial decisions with data when it comes to activating or developing new applications. This solution enables you to gather data to support such scenarios.

Filter at ease to focus on areas of interest

Visual filtering enables users to identify problematic areas quickly. Be it slow response time, heavy data transfer the metrics are there for all scenarios.

Leverage SAP Fiori

Since OData relies on SAP Fiori, where else to look for Fiori metrics if not in a Fiori application? Aligned with the SAP Fiori Design guidelines you can be assured that the app will be well known to you at the first use.

SAP Odata monitoring tool charts

Main features of Onespire’s OData Monitoring Tool

Provide OData metrics

Various OData metrics, including payload and response time are presented by the application to allow monitoring of OData service performance – down to the level of individual services.

Enable a visual analysis

If there is data there is a need to graph it. Graphs are easy to understand and perfect to identify trends, outliers and problematic areas. Save time by focusing on what matters.

Allow a traditional approach too

When fine-grained analysis is needed a traditional filter-and-display-a-table approach is allowed for the end user as well. Excel download is built-in.

SAP Odata monitoring tool statistics

Key indicators

The OData Monitoring Tool provides the following information:

  • Processing time: the time it takes to process a request by the system, in seconds, use it to detect slow OData services.
  • Payload: transmitted payload size in bytes – use it to detect OData services that move extraordinary amounts of data.
  • Number of calls: how many times a given service was called – use it to detect frequently used services.

Download Onespire’s OData Monitoring Tool from the SAP Store!

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Deployment information

Integration with SAP Cloud solutions

The OData Monitoring Tool integrates with SAP cloud solutions using standard SAP-approved interfaces and APIs.

User Assistance provided

Assistance is provided to enable all target users to install, configure and to use the solution.

SAP Odata monitoring tool

Main compliance characteristics

Onespire’s OData Monitoring Tool:

  • achieves operational performance levels of 99.5% or greater,
  • meets SAP Store-recommended service levels,
  • meets SAP Store-recommended standards for data lifecycle management and data destruction,
  • meets SAP Store-recommended standards for support levels and turnarounds,
  • secure practices include design, architecture, implementation, test, release preparation, shipment, operations, and support,
  • Open-Source components run the latest version,
  • complies with European Union requirements for GDPR,
  • meets the standards for information security management specified by ISO 27001,
  • has been tested for functional correctness using real-life business scenarios of customers,
  • complies with European Union requirements for data privacy,
  • internationalized to meet the needs of global customers (e.g. the use of Unicode),
  • user interfaces and documentation for this product have been translated into multiple languages.

For more details please visit the Onespire OData Monitoring Tool’s SAP Store page!

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For more information about Onespire’s Odata Tool

Onespire’s OData Monitoring Tool is now available in the SAP Store

This article was written by: Onespire Ltd.

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