Onespire Cooking Competition 2022

Our yearly culinary contest was held at the Sarlóspuszta Club Hotel.

The resort is located in one of the most beautiful parts of Hungary, at the gate of the Kiskunság National Park, in the southern part of Pest county. The country-style complex provided a perfect background for the cooking competition.

Depending on the location, the menu was based on rural festive meals, made from the ingredients of the forests and fields of the Carpathian Basin. The rules of the competition named four mandatory ingredients, from which a main course and an appetizer or dessert had to be prepared, outdoors:

  • venison,
  • mixed forest mushrooms,
  • cottage cheese,
  • strawberries or blueberries.
Onespire cooking competition 2022

The teams started preparing the dishes with great enthusiasm and creativity. While the food was cooking, additional tasks awaited the participants, such as pálinka recognition or beer pong.
At another table, various gifts could be made, such as syrup, decorative potpourri, lavender organza sack and macaroni.

This year, for the first time, two employees from our Belgian office took part in the Onespire cooking competition, strengthening the Ízfoglalók team.

The finished dishes were assessed by the jury, which included Chef Zoltán Magos, who scored the finished meals with strict professional eyes and competence.

The following categories were awarded by the judges:

  • Best serving, table decoration: Ízfoglaló team
  • Best main course: Hunspire and Magspire team
  • Best Soup: MTFs Team
  • Best dessert: Vadspire team
  • The overall winner in the Onespire 2022 cooking competition was the Ízfoglaló team.

    Based on the feedback from our staff, the cooking competition was one of the most enjoyable events of recent times. Not even the sudden storm could break the mood.

Onespire cooking competition 2022 menu

We would like to thank the organizers and participants for the successful event, see you again soon!

Onespire Cooking Competition 2022

This article was written by: Onespire Ltd.

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