Onespire and Mindspire skiing 2023 – Austria

Our report about the event

Continuing our long-standing tradition, Onespire and Mindspire organized a joint skiing trip for our employees and their family members between March 9 and 12.

This time we visited the Kreischberg ski resort in the Murau region of Styria, which is suitable for sports and recreation for beginner, intermediate and advanced skiers.

We stayed at the four-star Hotel Relax Resort located at the foot of the mountain, which provided a perfect location for sports, relaxation, and partying.

We were lucky with the weather, we could discover the ski resort in perfect conditions. Beginners could learn the basics of the sport with the help of a ski instructor and some experienced participants.

Joint sports events are extremely important to us because they help our colleagues to connect, build a community, and encourage each other to a healthy lifestyle. Family members also have the opportunity to get to know the colleagues of their loved ones.

Our colleagues Péter Túróczi, Álmos Kozma, Álmos Paksi, Balázs Sükösd és Zsolt Szilágyi entered the MVM Hungarian Cup Snow Season Final Ski Race organized by Dockyard on Sunday. Congratulations to them!

After skiing, we ended the day with a fun party every night.

We would like to thank the organizers and participants for the great program!


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Onespire and Mindspire skiing 2023 – Austria


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