Onespire All-Staff Meeting 2023

Our report about the event

The traditional year-opening Onespire All-Staff event this year was hosted by the Larus Restaurant and Event Center next to the Gesztenyéskert. At the All-Staff event, following the summary of last year’s results and the presentation of the objectives for the year 2023, the outstanding performance of Onespire’s employees, who deservedly received the recognitions, were awarded. We talked to Csaba Pásztor about the awarding of the titles, who said that the purpose of the prizes is to highlight those colleagues who have provided outstanding performance or played a particularly important role in the past year.

Please, Csaba, tell us about how the award winners are selected? Why do you consider these awards important?
“We distribute these awards to our colleagues every year, and we consider these important because we want to highlight those who really put a lot on the table, provided outstanding performance and carried out activities that can be exemplary for others. We would like to motivate everyone with our tradition and recognition.”

How difficult is it to come up and present with such an award or with so many awards?
“The selection is always preceded by a number of serious negotiations. We choose the winners based on the suggestions of our professional leaders, project managers, account managers and management. The selection takes place in the weeks before the award ceremony, it comes up in many meetings and we try to make the most objective decision possible. We take into account the projects and achievements of the past year and finally make a decision. I won’t tell you a big secret, usually the most difficult part of the decision is that you have to choose one of several outstanding performances in each category.”

The list of awardees is broad and includes the best professionals, employees excelling in customer management, outstanding performance in teamwork, colleagues responsible for the best internal projects and many other categories. Choosing the individual categories was not an easy task this year either. The categories are usually the same from year to year, but occasionally new categories are added to the list.

Awardees of the year 2022:

  • Ádám Apródi Outstanding professional activity
  • Zsolt Korondi Outstanding professional activity
  • Barna Oláh Outstanding professional activity
  • Attila Szabó Outstanding professional activity
  • László Nagy For outstanding customer service
  • Gábor Balázs For 20+ years of development activity
  • Tünde Szabó For 20+ years of high-level support in HR
  • Máté Takács For an outstanding performance in Service Development
  • Tamás Vilim The most popular publication of the year
  • Audi – LAW For outstanding team performance
  • WizzAir – Automation CoE project For outstanding team performance
  • FGSZ – Controlling design project For outstanding team performance
  • Bicycle project The best internal project of the year
  • Dominik Sárközi Young discovery of the year
  • Suba Botond Junior of the year
  • Sándor Jordán Consultant of the year
  • Boxy Project of the year

After the professional part of the evening, a tasty and lovely dinner awaited us, as well as a casual party featuring music from the 90s. The All Staff year-end event is an occasion that is important for the entire company, as it provides an opportunity for as many of us as possible to get together, meet, have a good chat, celebrate achievements and strengthen the sense of community and belonging. The large number of colleagues participating in the All Staff event proves that there is great interest in our results and plans. We can safely say that Onespire is not just a workplace, but a community in which individual values ​​matter and where we are proud of the achievements of our employees.

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Onespire All-staff Meeting 2023

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