Onespire All Staff Meeting 2021

Budapest, March 4, 2021

An unusual format

This year, our company held its usual annual event on March 4, 2021 in a nontraditional online format. We were very pleased that more than 90% of our colleagues attended the event anyway.

The last period

We began the evaluation by looking back at the extraordinary period since March 2020, which has significantly reshaped the operations and priorities of our company and most of our customers, as well as our employees’ form of contribution and life.

We have reviewed our 2020 revenue, project and resource reports and our 2021 plans and forecasts. Based on these, despite the less favorable and predictable economic environment affected by the epidemic, a stable, commercially successful and professionally exciting period emerged.

Onespire all-staff meeting 2021


We also articulated the key focus areas and tasks for the next one-year period and presented them to colleagues.

Onespire Ltd. also continues its expansion into international markets, which was somewhat slowed down in the short term by COVID, but in our view it has created conditions that in the medium and long term will significantly ease our appearance even in far-away markets.


In connection with the above, we also presented to our employees the schedule of the detailed professional and soft-skill trainings set up earlier, as well as the trainings that develop the increasingly important language skills. In addition to this, Onespire Ltd.’s nine competence centers will hold a number of workshops in their respective fields. The internal trainings outlined provide an opportunity for our employees to continuously improve in the areas that concern and interest them.


Hopefully this year we will have the opportunity to hold some of the casual company events that many of us are looking forward to. These include the family and children’s day in May, an outdoor event in June, an office opening occasion in September, Santa’s Day and a Christmas party, and ideally a skiing trip.


In the next section of our online All Staff meeting, Onespire Ltd. presented the awarded employees of the year 2020. We evaluated individual and team accomplishments in a number of categories, such as Project Manager of the Year and the Head of Competency Center of the Year and outstanding development and test management activities, but we also rewarded the outstanding work of our junior staff and back-office employees in the following categories:

Outstanding team for performance: MOL B2B Group CRM project
Project manager of the year: Ferenc Patkás
Competence manager of the year: Zsolt Kaprinyák
For his outstanding work on the development of the company: Anett Szalai
Discovery of the year: Tamás Porczió
For outstanding professional work: Béla Patyi
For outstanding development activities: Zsolt Fényid
Test manager of the year: Hanna Mészáros
Junior of the year: Rebeka Tóth
For outstanding project management work: Balázs Lávay
For outstanding performance in the Back-office area: Nikolett Kompp
Advisor of the Year: Zsuzsa Hajnóczy

Online quiz

During the event, our colleagues took part in a two-round competition, in which questions about the most important and exciting events and data of our company, services and projects were asked.

Summary of the Onespire All Staff Meeting 2021
Based on feedbacks in summary, despite the dramatic changes in the past year, Onespire Ltd., a member of the Inovivo Group, provides our employees with a stable, predictable and professionally attractive workplace.

We are proud that the assessment of our clients and partners describe the growing team of Onespire Ltd. as a reliable consulting company providing high-quality services even by international standards.

We would like to thank all our customers, employees and partners for their cooperation in the past year!

Onespire All Staff Meeting 2021

This article was written by: Onespire Ltd.

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