MOL SAP Ariba implementation 2020

On the 16th of September 2020 MOL, the leader of the Hungarian energy sector has signed a contract with SAP

The key project of this collaboration is the MOL SAP Ariba implementation 2020 project, helping MOL to digitalize the company’s international procurement operations.
This will support the energy giant to increase the transparency of the processes used and to create a standardized supplier relationship management system.

Digitalizing MOL Group’s procurement processes

MOL Group’s declared strategic plan is to digitalize its operations with the help of new generation technologies and to automate its core business processes. Digitalizing procurement with SAP Ariba solutions is the next phase in MOL Group’s digitalization plan.

MOL SAP Ariba implementation 2020

With the implementation of SAP Ariba solutions MOL’s procurement operation will be standardized on a single platform in the cloud. They can improve collaboration and communication among purchasing colleagues and suppliers.

Reflecting to the current situation Péter Labancz, the Chief Procurement Officer of MOL stated: “All the benefits we realized from digitalizing with the SAP Ariba solutions during the pilot project were even more apparent after we witnessed the fragility of supply chains in this industry in the early days of the coronavirus pandemic.“.

The company hopes that with Ariba they can make their supplier collaborations even more efficiently by managing our subcontractors’ database centrally. This will reduce procurement lead times, improve data and process transparency and reliability. Other benefits will include reducing manual data entry and enabling the group’s cultural and procurement transformation journey.

SAP Ariba offers MOL Group a modern digital solution to maximize its procurement efficiency and enhance collaboration with suppliers. The company will also use the Ariba Network, widening its procurement reach and making it even more transparent.

Introducing SAP® Ariba®

SAP Ariba is a cloud-based software allowing buyers and suppliers to connect with each other and to cooperate on a sole platform. The solution aims to improve vendor management systems (VMSs) by offering cost efficient procurement methods and simplifying business processes. Ariba digitally transforms the supply chain, procurement and contract management processes. Though Many SAP Ariba functions are available independently, they can also be part of the Ariba Network. The Ariba Network is an SAP HANA powered and cloud-based B2B platform where suppliers and purchasers can locate each other and do transactions on this networked marketplace.

SAP Ariba in 2018 engaged more than three million buyers and suppliers with more than 1.7 trillion USD in transactions.

Onespire Ltd.’s role in the MOL SAP Ariba implementation 2020 project

Our company is involved in the currently ongoing SAP Ariba implementation project and we are proud to have the opportunity to support the MOL GROUP, one of the largest companies in Central & Eastern Europe. Onespire’s expert team is responsible for the integration of the new SAP Ariba solution with the existing SAP Data Warehouse. We also support the roll-out of the source to contract process and the implementation of the supplier enablement procedure.

About MOL Group

The MOL is a Hungarian oil, gas and petrochemicals company, headquartered in Budapest, Hungary. The group is active in all areas of the oil and gas industry, including exploration and production, refining and distribution, petrochemicals, power generation, trading and retail services.

MOL has operations in over 30 countries worldwide, employs 26,000 people, operates 2,000 service stations in nine countries and is a market leader in Hungary, Slovakia, Croatia and Bosnia Herzegovina.

MOL SAP Ariba implementation

This article was written by: Onespire Ltd.

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