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Introducing DocuLine

The purpose of the DocuLine solution is to support the daily documentation and approval tasks of companies. Our company provides customized IT support according to specific company requirements to manage these challenges.

Our consultants survey the administrative processes and business areas, and propose a solution for their digitization.

In addition, we offer a number of system integration options that can be used to further improve efficiency.

After the planning and implementation phases, we participate in the training of key users and provide product support during live operation.

By applying our IT solutions, administrative overhead is reduced, work processes are accelerated, become transparent, and can be planned.

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Enterprise document management

Store documents in a structured, central location.

Authorization based access and retrievability, supporting the approval process.

Assisting the creation of new documents with template management, business rules and collaborative work support.

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Invoice management

The digitization of company invoice management is a key element for the efficiency of business processes and reducing administration overhead.

A digital record of vendor invoice images and invoice data allows us to easily and quickly access and manage invoice information in a transparent manner. E-invoice authentication also greatly facilitates invoice management and saves time. With the help of the National Tax and Customs Administration (NAV) interface, we can easily and quickly query the NAV invoice data, which also contributes to transparent and efficient administration. The invoice approval function enables faster processing and approval of invoices, which also results in time savings. With the help of the cost allocation function, we can easily and accurately distribute costs between different projects. The system can generate and send a transfer file to the banking system in the format prescribed by the company’s account holding bank. Integration with enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems speeds up, makes more efficient and simplifies the administrative processes associated with invoice management.

Overall, the digitization of company invoice management reduces the administrative burden and makes work processes efficient.

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Functionally expandable, typical functions:

  • Resource reservation,
  • Absence management,
  • HR functions,
  • Contract management,
  • Postal log book,
  • Delivery note register,
  • Subcontractor order management,
  • Procurement support and approval,
  • Quotation management,
  • Project registration and administration.

Why DocuLine?

Using the system makes administrative processes more efficient and helps internal communication. You can store documents securely and protected by permissions, avoiding unauthorized access. The application offers remote access, which enables effective home office work. Don’t waste your time with repetitive manual tasks, free up your resources by digitizing and automating processes.

Our Clients

Our goal is to offer a premium development and consulting services portfolio to our clients as a strategic partner. We have built long-lasting and close working relationship with our outstanding clientele.


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Onespire’s experts have many years of experience in the field of SAP implementation, development and support services. Our operation focuses mainly on Belgium, Germany, Austria, The Netherlands, Luxemburg and Switzerland.

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Our company has significant experience in the delivery of fixed-price international projects, where several subcontractors, teams, technologies and business actors had be coordinated and harmonized for a successfully delivery.

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We are specialized on building custom enterprise applications using the Microsoft .NET platform and utilizing the capabilities of the Microsoft SharePoint framework. We provide comprehensive services, covering all phases and aspects of development projects.

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During the last decade Onespire Ltd. has developed a number of applications and products for SAP ECC and S/4HANA environments. Discover our proprietary solutions supporting our clients using the SAP ecosystem more efficiently and cost-effectively!

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