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During our Custom Software Development Services we strive to provide comprehensive IT solutions to our clients, which efficiently support their daily work activities.

Our team of consultants and developers have extensive business and technology knowledge, providing an excellent opportunity to create useful and future-proof applications.

We focus on providing the best service to our clients, flexibly adapting to their needs and requirements.

Are you facing these challenges with developing custom software?

Missing internal resources

Often the size or the abilities of the in-house software development team is not sufficient to deliver the required solution. Even with a properly staffed and adept team of programmers, testers and IT project managers, when an employee with a special skill set leaves, finding a replacement might take months, which in turn stalls the project and wastes resources. In most cases developing complex professional applications is beyond the abilities of companies.

Onepsire’s experienced team has all necessary skills and resources to deliver professional custom software solutions on time and within budget, at a reasonable cost.

Undefined or unrealistic goals

When planning a custom software, missing a clear vision or having unfeasible objectives leads to certain failure. Inexperienced software development teams often fail to define the business requirements, or accept unrealistic expectations.

Our skilled custom software development leads ensure that these pitfalls can be avoided. They help to set up a solid framework, define the goals of the solution, verify its feasibility and maximize the value provided by the application.

High level technical issues

When developing custom software, failure to choose the most appropriate technology stack which fits into the existing and planned IT infrastructure, can have serious consequences. Choosing the best and suitable framework requires up-to-date and specific knowledge, often not available in-house.

Onespire’s experts will ensure that the perfect and latest technology is selected for all custom software development projects, aligned with the specific business goals and the boundaries of the given IT ecosystem.

Inaccurate budget estimate and deadlines

Determining the complete costs of a software development project is a complex task and when done without extensive experience usually ends up in underfunded projects with a high fail-ratio. Also, setting up unrealistic deadlines has a negative effect on software quality and usability, creating unnecessary stress for the involved parties.

Hiring a professional software developer company ensures that a realistic budget and scheduling will be available at the start. Onespire’s team not only has widespread experience in planning the budget and deadlines of custom application development projects in various segments, but also accumulated precise data about the actual costs and timing.

Inadequate project management

Even with having adequate developer resources, custom software projects often fail due to ineffective leadership. Managing custom software development projects is a challenging task, requiring experienced professionals. The project manager should be able to filter and prioritize issues and requests while understanding business and technological aspects, ensure that all areas are receiving appropriate attention, balance code quality and expenditure and ensure that the development is proceeding according to the plans. Developers have to work harmoniously with the project manager, trusting and accepting the leadership. When the project manager and the developers are not well accustomed to each other, it might slow down the development or create more serious issues.

Unless a complete software development team is available within the organization, it is always better to hire a professional service provider who can take responsibility for an end-to-end delivery.

Changing requirements, scope creep

When requirements are constantly altered throughout the development, the code has to be rewritten, which not only slows down the project, but in some cases results in a suboptimal and erroneous product. Also, without strict scope control custom software development projects will become a never-ending drain of valuable resources.

Our seasoned custom software development team will ensure that while the truly necessary and realistic modifications are carefully planned, well documented and meticulously executed, excessive and impractical change requests are kept at bay.

Lack of proper software testing

Another common issue with internal custom application development is that the necessary testing process is not completely or properly done. In most cases the same personnel who develops the code performs some partial FAT testing, and the rest of the verification is done by business users, often after the going-live process. This results in delays and costly modifications later.

Onepsire’s team of custom software development services include all necessary testing procedures built-into every phase, ensuring high-quality code and functions, serving the set business objectives effectively.

The scope of Onespire’s Custom Software Development Services

We are specialized on building custom enterprise applications using the Microsoft .NET platform and utilizing the capabilities of the Microsoft SharePoint framework.

We provide comprehensive services, covering all phases and aspects of development projects.

Initially we define and finalize the business requirements with the client. During the in-person interviews we conduct with the stakeholders, the details of the needs are specified and the known challenges and issues are also discussed and documented. We believe that this is an important step, because according to our experience the key to creating useful and efficient business solutions is to clearly and precisely define all requirements.

In the course of the workshops, we not only provide IT support, but also offer organizational and business process optimization advice based on our widespread experience.

Our application development services include the following

Microsoft SharePoint consultation

The initial question is whether SharePoint is the ideal solution for the specific requirements, which has to be looked at from both business and IT perspectives. Our SharePoint consultants can effectively support internal business process owners and IT experts during the initial evaluation phase in reaching a well-founded decision about the optimal technology stack.

Microsoft SharePoint core system implementation

Onepsire’s team of experts ensure that the core system will serve short and long term business goals. Using our practice proven methodology we follow the below main steps during the process of implementing the core system of Microsoft SharePoint:

  • On-site survey and requirement specification.
  • Preparing the system plan based on the requirements.
  • Installing the solution prepared according to the requirements.
  • Testing the installed system.
  • Going-live.
  • Training users and administrators.

Developing SharePoint-based custom applications

Based on the newly implemented or existing SharePoint core system we develop custom applications according to our client’s needs. The main steps of creating a solution are:

  • Identifying and specifying business needs.
  • Planning the application.
  • Custom application development.
  • Testing the application.
  • Training users and system administrators.
  • Implementing the developed application.
  • Providing system support.

Microsoft SharePoint trainings

Onespire provides SharePoint trainings for different groups, such as:

  • basic SharePoint users,
  • SharePoint administrators,
  • SharePoint Designers, to create unique workflows internally,
  • SharePoint developers.

What are the benefits of our Custom Software Development Services?

1. Reduce the costs of custom software development

Creating custom Microsoft SharePoint applications requires special skills and knowledge. Even in larger companies it is seldom feasible to have and maintain these unique abilities and resources internally.

Onespire’s team of Microsoft SharePoint consultants and developers can provide high-quality services efficiently and cost-effectively.

2. Optimize internal resources

If you have available internal developer resources it is not always the best choice to allocate them fully to certain custom development projects, for a longer time. It not only draws valuable staff away from their core functions, but might take longer to deliver the solution.

Our team can complement your internal IT team in any aspect of the custom software development, ensuring that both the main business goals and the new application are getting the required attention and resources.

3. Utilize the latest technologies and approaches

Microsoft SharePoint is a rapidly and constantly changing environment, each year the technology stack is evolving. Internal IT teams are usually not focusing on one area, therefore might not be up-to-date with the latest or upcoming technologies and possibilities.

Onespire’s Microsoft SharePoint experts are specialized on this segment, so they can not only ensure that all custom software development projects are utilizing the current technology, but also consider the coming versions and releases to create a future-proof solution.

4. Deliver custom developments rapidly

When a need arises for a custom software, timely delivery is usually critical. Internal IT departments are seldom capable of creating these solutions quickly, due to their everyday tasks.

Our sizable custom software development team can support internal development teams, or deliver the complete application unassisted, based on the requirements. This guarantees that the required solution will be delivered on-time and cost-effectively.

5. Leverage on expert software developers

Very few companies employ sufficient experienced software developers for their internal projects. It is seldom feasible to have and maintain the required capabilities and skills for this specific area.

Onespire’s qualified custom software development team is always up-to-date with the latest technology, has outstanding experience and track record in creating custom applications using Microsoft SharePoint. This ensures that the solution will be delivered using the best and most effective approach.

6. Scale your software development capacity

When there is an urgent need for custom software within the organization, or a business grows or changes rapidly and has new requests often, significantly more application developers might be required. Finding and employing IT talent is not an easy task and definitely takes some time. Building and keeping an internal IT development team scaled for peak demands is not a practical and costly approach.

Our large team of Microsoft SharePoint developers and consultants can help your organization to overcome these resource shortages when needed, in a cost-effective and efficient manner.

Examples of our earlier custom software developments

Electronic contract management solutions

Electronic policy and procedure management software

SharePoint and ShortPoint-based intranet

Meeting manager applications

Requirements management solution for development projects

Central task manager application

Asset manager software

Teamwork support application

Internal performance evaluation system

Coaching support system

Why choose Onespire Ltd. as a Custom Software Development Services provider?

NOur Custom Software Development team has significant experience in creating enterprise level Microsoft SharePoint applications using the .NET platform.

NWe provide cost-effective and high quality solution development services to our clients across Europe with a sizable group of experts.

NBased on our experience we can create complex and mission critical software within a short timeframe.

NWe provide all required experts to custom software development projects, such as business analysts, technical architecture specialists, solution architects, developers, project managers, test managers and testers.

Our Clients

Our goal is to offer a premium development and consulting services portfolio to our clients as a strategic partner. We have built long-lasting and close working relationship with our outstanding clientele.


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