Our certifications for bluetelligence’s Enterprise Glossary and Metadata API

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May 2023

Onespire Ltd.

Onespire’s Consultants Certified for bluetelligence’s Enterprise Glossary and Metadata API

We are thrilled to announce that our consultants, Aliz Skapér, Zsolt Kaprinyák, Krisztián Szabó, and Endre Halmos SAP experts have received a certification for bluetelligence GmbH’s two new products, the Enterprise Glossary and the Metadata API. This certification highlights Onespire Ltd.’s commitment to keep up with the latest advancements in data management technology, which enables us to offer exceptional quality services to our clients.

Introducing bluetelligence GmbH and their SAP products

The company, located in Wiesbaden, Germany, was founded in 2008, and their main profile is developing various SAP supplementary solutions. Their applications make it easier for more than 200 of their corporate customers to work with SAP business intelligence solutions.

Our company, Onespire Ltd. has been an official partner of bluetelligence GmbH since April 2022.

The products of bluetelligence include the Performer Suite, which is an efficient set of four components designed to automate SAP Business Analytics processes. Docu Performer supports the automation of the preparation of SAP BI technical documentation, System Scout helps the analysis and maintenance of SAP BI systems. Migration Booster can increase the efficiency of SAP BW/4HANA and SAP BW on HANA migration projects, while Translation Steward enables efficient translation of SAP BW systems.

Their other solutions are Enterprise Glossary and Metadata API, for which our colleagues have just obtained the certificate.

An overview of our latest bluetelligence certificate

At the bluetelligence GmbH training, our SAP experts acquired skills in the following main areas:

  • Installation, setup and user management of the Enterprise Glossary and Metadata API products.
  • Using the Data Cataloging Tool Enterprise Glossary to display SAP metadata in an understandable format.
  • Extract SAP metadata and data lineage and write it into a generic file which can be integrated into a data catalog.

Introducing the bluetelligence Enterprise Glossary solution

The Enterprise Glossary is a state-of-the-art data asset management tool that provides a centralized location for an organization’s metadata, including definitions, business terms, and technical data. With this tool, enterprises can improve the quality of their data by maintaining consistency across all their assets while minimizing the risk of errors.

By using the Enterprise Glossary, all questions related to enterprise key performance indicators (KPIs) and reports can be answered in a central web platform that also supports keyword-based search.

With the solution, all relevant employees can easily understand what each of the main company indicators mean exactly, and how they are calculated.

The Enterprise Glossary enables users to identify all reports that use a certain key data. In addition, it is easy to identify in which additional indicators a given metric is used. Through the application, the data sources of the individual dashboards can also be mapped.

The solution can be integrated with SAP Business Warehouse, Business Objects and SAP Analytics Cloud products.

bluetelligence Enterprise Glossary logo

Overview of the bluetelligence Metadata API software

Metadata API is another innovative product that simplifies metadata integration into an organization’s applications. It enables developers to access metadata from the Enterprise Glossary and utilize it to enhance the functionality of their applications. This, in turn, leads to quicker development times, increased efficiency and better decision-making.

The Metadata API application reads data from the SAP system and generates files that can be interpreted as a network. After analyzing the files produced in this way, they can be imported into a visualization tool, such as a data catalog.

The Data Lineage API currently supports the following SAP technologies:

  • SAP Business Warehouse (including BW/4HANA)
  • SAP Embedded Analytics (ECC, ERP and S/4HANA systems)
  • SAP Analytics Cloud (coming soon)
  • SAP Datasphere (coming soon)

bluetelligence Metadata API logo

Benefits offered by the Enterprise Glossary and Metadata API

The Enterprise Glossary and the Metadata API offer significant advantages to enterprises. The former reduces the risk of errors and inconsistencies while providing a shared vocabulary for all stakeholders, which improves communication and collaboration. The latter facilitates the integration of metadata into applications, leading to faster development times, increased efficiency, and more informed decision-making.

Overall, the Enterprise Glossary and the Metadata API are valuable tools for any enterprise looking to improve its data management practices. These SAP extension products help minimize errors, improve communication, and enable enterprises to make informed decisions.

Our goals

We are proud, that our company, Onespire Ltd. became an official certified partner in 2022 of bluetelligence GmbH in Hungary, and about our latest certificate in 2023. Our company remains dedicated to offering the best possible service to our clients and to be at the forefront of the latest data management technologies.

We appreciate the opportunity to collaborate with bluetelligence teamand look forward to strengthening our professional and business cooperation with our German partner in the future.

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Our certifications for bluetelligence’s Enterprise Glossary and Metadata API

Onespire Ltd.

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