About us

Onespire Ltd. is an IT and management consulting company with a Hungarian ownership background.

We provide premium-quality service for our European Clients through our outstanding professional know-how.

Our international operation focuses on Belgium, Germany, Austria, The Netherlands, Luxemburg and Switzerland.

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Why choose Onespire?

Number of our Clients

Employees in our team

Successful projects in 2022

Premium quality

We are striving to provide distinguished quality in our services.

Decades of experience

Our Specialist Team has more than ten years of experience.

Latest technologies

We follow-up and master the latest IT solutions continuously.

Onespire: The one who inspires you

Our services’ outstanding quality, flexibility, and our diverse professional experience, our consultants’ constant development and determination all inspire extraordinary performance.

Our excellent and well-integrated team of experts has been collaborating for more than ten years with tens of thousands of successfully delivered project days in our history.

Our operation focuses primarily on the implementation of ERP systems and providing IT and management consulting services related to corporate business processes.

It was the clearly stated objective of our establishment to create a dynamically improving organization that can handle our Clients’ needs and vision flexibly.

We pay particular attention to getting acquainted with the latest IT trends and maintaining our partner relations.

As a Silver SAP partner, we adapt our business strategy to the SAP product development trends.

Onespire: Our services

Our main service is providing SAP support to our clients in Europe, focusing on Belgium, Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Luxemburg and Switzerland. Onespire Ltd. has an office in Belgium, representing and supporting our European operations.

In addition to green field SAP implementations, we are continuously working on further development of existing processes with the majority of our customers as well as developing their future strategic foundations. Our consultants have outstanding professional background in traditional logistics, production, finance and BI modules.

Additionally, we are constantly building our know-how in the new SAP products and possess unique project experience for many of them.

Our key values

Onespire’s primary mission is to provide professional consulting and development services characterized by outstanding quality and flexibility to our clients across the globe.

Our team’s diverse experience, a strong commitment to constant development and determination inspires outstanding performance.

Our excellent and well-integrated team of experts has been working together for more than a decade with tens of thousands of successfully delivered project days.

Onespire’s competence centers pay particular attention to stay up-to-date with the latest IT technologies and trends, while maintaining excellent partner relations with leading software and framework providers, such as SAP and Microsoft.

Onespire focuses on long-lasting and beneficial cooperation with its clients. Our solution and deadline centered pragmatic approach ensures that projects are finished on-time and in good quality, delivering added values.

Although our company in its current form was established in 2017, our team of consultants and developers have several decades of experience, most of them working closely together in various projects throughout the years.

Our aim is to create a solid, trustworthy brand, Onespire, as we continue to provide high-quality services and offer our proprietary applications and products.

Onespire offers long-term career options to its employees with optimal work-life balance, providing a professional environment based on teamwork, integrity, honesty, creativity and personal development possibilities.


Our Management

Judit Gerencsér

Human resources and operations

Judit has more than 25 years of experience in IT consultation services, now in charge of the operative leadership of the recruitment and sourcing of human resources on internal and external projects.

Dedicated to find the best position and goals for every colleague and keep the cohesion of Onespire Ltd. through people.

Judit Gerencsér

Csaba Pásztor

Competence Management, Key Projects Support

Csaba has more than 20 years of experience in the field of SAP consulting.

As an SAP logistics consultant, he participated in many local and international large enterprise ERP implementations, and later worked as an integration manager, project manager and consulting lead.

As an executive, Csaba is responsible for the company’s SAP services, competence development, and support for key customers and projects.

Csaba Pásztor
Szabolcs Homola

Szabolcs Homola

Strategic Business Development

Szabolcs has been active in the management consulting sector for more than 20 years in various management and ownership positions at leading consulting companies.

His main areas of focus include business strategy, involvement of new professional areas, and high-quality consulting services.

In addition to his managerial duties, Szabolcs supports key clients in the financial and other sectors.

Endre Halmos

Endre Halmos

Business Development, Key Projects Support

Currently Endre has more than 18 years of experience in the management consulting sector.

He directed several BI system implementation projects at large domestic and foreign companies, and previously participated in the tasks as a recognized expert.

As a company executive, Endre is responsible for the company’s BI services, key customers and the company’s marketing activities.

Álmos Paksi

Sales and Business Development

Álmos has 20 years of IT consulting experience in the domestic and international corporate sector, of which the first 10 years of professional consulting tasks have been followed by management tasks at domestic and then multinational consulting companies in the last 10 years.

Álmos as managing partner is responsible for sales and key customers.

Álmos Paksi

Bertalan Papp

Business Development, Key Projects Support

During his 20-year IT career, Berti has encountered numerous domestic and international projects, in the first years he worked as a consultant, then as a project manager, and later as a salesperson for blue chip clients.

As a partner and board member at Onespire Ltd., he is responsible for sales and delivery tasks for large corporate customers.

Bertalan Papp

Our clearly stated objective is to create a dynamically improving organization, fully capable serving and fulfilling the requirements and visions of our clients.

Our experts are true consultants, not only able to customize systems technically, but have a deep understanding of the underlying processes, business needs and requirements. Furthermore, they understand the need to build value added, highly efficient solutions.

Our Key Personnel

Sándor Apáthy

BI services, Account management

Business and technology-focused BI leader with almost 20 years of professional experience in data science, operational and project management roles. He has built teams in the areas of risk management, reporting, analysis and data science in startup, SME and large corporate environments as well. Managed large (1M EUR+) BI projects for large companies with 30+ cross-functional, international project teams in many industries: banking, FMCG, retail, energy, aviation.
Specializations: banking risk management, digital marketing analysis, BI tools.
Research areas: Dynamic systems, machine learning and recommendation systems, geolocation analysis.

Sándor Apáthy 2022
Gábor Balázs 2022

Gábor Balázs

ABAP development

During his more than 25-year career, he has gained extensive experience in SAP ABAP development. He has widespread knowledge in development areas related to several modules and obtained a development certification in ABAP 4.0 version. In addition to carrying out development tasks, he participated in several projects as a development manager, leading the work of other experts.
In the development of our proprietary products (VAT declaration), he currently provides various activities, from planning through the completion of development tasks, and support as well.
In the S/4 HANA area, he constantly expands his knowledge by learning new technologies (Custom Code Migration, CDS view, RAP development technology).

Attila Bárány

Account management

Attila is a seasoned professional with over 23 years of experience in project and account management. Throughout his career, he has gained extensive experience in the full project lifecycle for ERP projects, including business analysis, design, build, implementation, and project management. As a Project Manager and Agile Coach, Attila has a deep understanding of project management and agile methodologies. He also has a wealth of knowledge in the areas of financials and controlling, as well as a basic overview of logistics. With his diverse background and experience, Attila is well-equipped to bring a unique perspective and valuable expertise to any project and help drive successful outcomes for clients.

Bárány Attila 2022
Zsolt Kaprinyák 2022

Zsolt Kaprinyák

SAP BI services

Zsolt started his career on the client side, and even later took part in several SAP R/3 implementation projects.
Since 2007, he has been involved in BW systems and the implementation and support of BW-based planning solutions.
As a BW consultant, Zsolt participated in the implementation of BW reporting for several SAP R/3 modules, and in the development of complex corporate reporting and planning systems.
He worked with several different versions of BW systems, used and got familiar with various technologies during his career, including the latest BW4Hana solutions.

Bálint Szebenyi

UI5, Fiori development

During his professional career as a consultant and developer, he dealt with different SAP technologies. His areas of interest include the SAP Fiori (SAPUI5) technology and design paradigm, the SAP Business Warehouse DWH solution, and the novelties of the ABAP language.
He had the opportunity to participate in the implementation of greenfield SAP S/4HANA, SAP BW, BPC based business planning and Fiori solutions, which contributed to his ability to use technical innovations to assist actual business needs.
In addition to keeping his own skills up-to-date, he also gained experience in teaching many clients and colleagues in both English and Hungarian.

Bálint Szebenyi 2022
József Kellner 2022

József Kellner

Account management

József is a highly experienced Account Manager with a decade of expertise in the field of BW implementation and project management. He is responsible for the Pharma sector and has clients in Manufacturing, Energy and Insurance. József has 7 years of project management experience, mainly with SAP projects, as well as other areas. He is a seasoned SAP BW Administrator with experience in overseeing daily operations, data load monitoring, troubleshooting, performance tuning, and end-user training. József also possesses strong personal skills in project management, business requirements analysis, data modeling, and ETL process design and implementation. He is well-equipped to provide expert guidance and support for SAP BW projects.

Szilárd Kun

Finance, accounting, controlling

During his more than 20-year career as a consultant, he gained extensive experience in developing the financial and accounting processes of various international enterprises, mapping them to the SAP system, and implementing multi-purpose reporting solutions.
He has thorough knowledge of real estate management processes, solution options in SAP (SAP RE, RE-FX) and the module’s accounting integration (FI, AA, CO). During his professional activities, he gained experience in asset management and asset accounting processes at several large international companies.
He is a master of the basic characteristics of the banking, oil industry, telecommunications and railway sectors in this field.

Szilárd Kun 2022
Péter Pásztor 2022

Péter Pásztor

Warehouse and transport logistics

Péter is an SAP consultant with more than 16 years of experience, leading the SAP Warehouse and Transport Logistics competence center.
Expert in SAP EWM, WM, LE, MM modules. He participated in the preparation and implementation of warehouse management solutions for several large Hungarian companies.
He is an expert in the warehouse management and shipping sector at Onespire Ltd., who, with his competence team, considers it a particularly important goal to acquire and further develop the latest market-leading solutions in the field.

Frederic Santens

Business development, Benelux region

Frederic Santens is a driven global entrepreneur with a strong focus on sales and extensive international experience in trading. He is in charge for the Belgian market for Onespire Ltd., and committed to investing in the future-proof digitalization of the company. With a demonstrated history of working in international contexts, Frederic is a strong believer in customer intimacy and is skilled in negotiation as a purchase manager. He has a passion for travel, discovering new cultures, and building long-term partnerships. As a skilled salesman, Frederic is dedicated to creating win-win scenarios for all parties involved, and his sales-driven mindset and commitment to customer satisfaction make him an invaluable asset to Onespire Ltd.

Frederic Santens 2022
Anett Szalai 2022

Anett Szalai

Account management, Product development

Anett is a seasoned professional with over 20 years of experience in the field of SAP consulting and solution design. As the Lead of Onespire’s Outbound Logistics Competence Center, she brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table. Anett is an SAP Senior Consultant and S4H Solution Expert, with a focus on OTC (Order-to-Cash) business processes, CRM orientation, and retail process knowledge. She approaches projects with an integration-thinking and practical approach and has a deep understanding of the retail industry and its unique solution design needs. Throughout her career, Anett has been an active participant in implementation projects from start to finish and has extensive experience in team management. With her extensive experience and expertise, Anett is well-equipped to tackle any SAP project, and deliver results that exceed expectations.

Róbert Tamásy

Project management

With more than 15 years of consulting and project management experience, he has advanced to become an expert in various project methodologies, such as Waterfall, Agile, and Hybrid. In addition to SAP, he also led a number of custom development, data warehouse and Salesforce projects. His industry experience is wide-ranging, deepening his knowledge in the utilities, machinery manufacturing, telecommunications, oil industry, and waste management sectors.

Robert Tamásy 2022
Róbert Fehér

Róbert Fehér

Account management

Róbert is an experienced Account Manager with a background in IT Engineering Management. Over the course of his career, he has specialized in IT technology solution services sales, custom software app developments, and integration, as well as IT resource supply services. He has also managed service delivery in the manufacturing industry and overseen large key accounts, customer service teams, and supply chain operations. Additionally, Róbert has experience in product sales for both retail and wholesale clients, with a focus on consumer and IT products.

Our Main Services

SAP Consulting & Development

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Onespire’s experts have many years of experience in the field of SAP implementation, development and support services. Our operation focuses mainly on Belgium, Germany, Austria, The Netherlands, Luxemburg and Switzerland.

System Integration Services

System integration services image

Our company has significant experience in the delivery of fixed-price international projects, where several subcontractors, teams, technologies and business actors had be coordinated and harmonized for a successfully delivery.

Management Consulting Services

Management consulting services image

Our services cover the needs of our clients related to strategic, conceptual, efficiency improvement and methodological consulting, project management, quality assurance and process engineering, utilizing our experience gained on agile and traditional projects.

Data Science & Analytics Services

Data science and analytics services image

Onespire provides platform independent Data Science and Analytics solutions for organisations that strive to make data driven business decisions, fosters measurability of actions and ultimately to strengthen their market position.

Custom Software Development

Custom development services image

We are specialized on building custom enterprise applications using the Microsoft .NET platform and utilizing the capabilities of the Microsoft SharePoint framework. We provide comprehensive services, covering all phases and aspects of development projects.

Our SAP Applications & Products


Onespisre's SAP Applications and products image

During the last decade Onespire Ltd. has developed a number of applications and products for SAP ECC and S/4HANA environments. Discover our proprietary solutions supporting our clients using the SAP ecosystem more efficiently and cost-effectively!

Inovivo offices

Inovivo Group

Onespire Ltd. is a proud member of the INOVIVO Group holding, which is one of the leading IT and management consulting firms in Hungary.

Througout deep collaboration with other Inovivo member companies we are able to provide more customized and end-to-end solutions to our clients and partners.

INOVIVO Group is actively serving key sectors, like Banking, Pharma, Energy, Telco, Airlines, Automotive & Transport and Manufacturing in Europe.

For more information please visit: Inovivo Group website

Inovivo offices

Established in 2016, MINDSPIRE’s team of more than 180 experts consists of professional consultants with experience in delivering banking projects from 5 to well over 15 years.

The goal was to create a high-class consultancy firm that is 100% focused on banking, helping the financial institutions through complex programs like mergers, portfolio acquisitions and implementations or replacements of complete IT systems.

They are constantly developing their knowledge and methodologies based on their projects and industry practices. Besides the sector focus, MINDSPIRE also provides strategic services in several areas.

For more information, please visit their website: MINDSPIRE.

Onespire logo

Onespire Ltd. is an Information Technology and management consulting company focusing on the Manufacturing and Services sector in the CEE & WE regions.

Onespire’s main focus areas are ERP & SAP System implementations, rollouts and support, System implementations for bluechip companies.

They also provide IT & Management consulting services related to the specific business processes of their Hungarian and international clients.

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